Improve your Fitness and Claim a Healthier Heart

The Heart Forum offers advice and guidance for people wanting to improve their health. We specialize in helping people lose weight, increase stamina, improve fitness levels and eat healthier to improve heart rate and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Anaerobic exercisesIn order to be healthy and have a healthy heart, many of us work hard to maintain a healthy life style. In order to have a good heart, it is vital for us to increase our efforts in maintaining our ideal body weight and fitness levels. If you are overweight, then you might be looking for quick fixes that can help you lose weight quickly.

Sometimes fad diets or crash diets appear to be the most attractive options but they can have severe side effects in the long run. When people stop this kind of diet, they gain back additional pounds and it is difficult for them to shed the weight that is gained. This is because the body is stressed out and may become weaker due to this “ballooning”. The best way to lose weight at a fast pace while putting priority in health is simply to make some changes in eating and living patterns.

Eat a well-balanced diet
The foremost thing that needs to be done is to watch the food items that you are eating. For starting a diet plan, you will have to make some modifications so that you eat low-calorie food. When your calorie intake is higher than your body requires, there will be higher chance that extra calories are stored in the form of body fats. Although fats are required by body, only good fats are vital for proper nutrition, as they strengthen the body.

diet pyramid

You should eat food that do not have bad fats unlike junk foods, ice creams, processed cheese, full cream milk, etc. You should also try to have five to six small meals per day so that your metabolism rate remains active all day long – when eating only one or two a day, your body thinks it is starving and will store more food as fat for use at a later time.

Exercise regularly
In order to have a healthy heart, the most effective way is to follow a healthy exercise regime that will help enhance your stamina and fitness levels. Aside from dieting, you should also have an exercise program that will help your body burn more calories and stored fat. You can either do simple cardiovascular exercises or do strength training that will build your muscles while making sure that you burn fats and increase your lung capacity.


Why fad diets are not good options?
Of course, you may get attracted to various fad diet plans as they ensure that you lose weight quickly and with minimum effort but you should be aware of health issues that arise when you continuously use these dieting pills or crash-diet plans. When you follow these fad diet plans, your body is also deprived of various important nutrients and as a result you tend to have lower energy levels that impact your overall health. Hence, you should avoid this kind of fad diet and you should never consider following it as there are significant health issues that may result from them.

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