Miracle of the Moringa Tree

      Miracle of the Moringa Tree
Have you eaten tree leaves before Or used seeds to make water safe to drink Come along with two children as a Moringa Tree helps them become true Hunger Heroes When a remote village is in great danger because of hunger and thirst, a wise elder points the children to the solution Off they go They discover the Moringa Tree, and learn all of its miraculous properties Join them as Hunger Heroes, grow your own Moringa trees, and spread the word about this very real tree that is saving lives where hunger is the greatest. New Download eBook Miracle of the Moringa Tree by Hank Bruce – heartforum.co.uk

During my lifetime I have had the opportunity to meet a multitude of fascinating people It s not the rich and famous, but the everyday people who have, time after time, taught me valuable lessons, and shown me by their actions what it means to be an everyday hero There is no such thing as a common man, but there are billions of delightfully unique fellow human beings, and each one has something to teach me I have been a horticultural therapist, hunger activist, teacher, speaker and writer Together with my wonderful, and incredibly patient wife, Tomi Jill Folk we have written over 20 books ranging from writing specifically for for senior citizens to children s books Much of their writing involves the field of therapeutic gardening and hunger issues They have also authored several collections of short stories From 1999 through 2002 Tomi and I worked with Walt Disney World to design and staff a horticultural therapy showcase called The Opportunity Garden during the annual six week EPCOT International Flower Garden Festival We also spoke on the subject four days each of the six weeks This experience led to the creation of Gardens for the Senses, Gardening as Therapy Recently this book was revised and expanded edition continues to be our best selling title We have had the opportunity to work with Miho Komatsu, a gifted artist, in the creation of Miracle of the Moringa Tree, a children s book that shows how the nutritious leaves of this tree can save lives in some of the most difficult parts of the world and how the seeds can be used to provide safe drinking water Tomi and I was working with Miho to produce The Children s Peace Garden, to be released in August 2014 All of our books are available on .com and many are available in Kindle format.The ideas, thoughts and comments of readers are important to a writer I welcome the opportunity to communicating with and learning from you.

      Miracle of the Moringa Tree
 By Hank Bruce IBN : 1460949234 Format : Paperback – heartforum.co.uk
  • Paperback
  • 48 pages
  • Miracle of the Moringa Tree
  • Hank Bruce
  • English
  • 26 July 2019
  • 1460949234

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