The poems in this book are an attempt to speak in a common tongue with mountains, rivers, and forests Too often poetry is thought of as the domain of human creativity with its source in the depths of the imagination We use it to speak of the world, but not to the non human world let alone with it The poems in Estuaries suggest that speech and poetry are fundamentally rooted in the ecosystem the detritus of fallen leaves, the curvature of a river bend, and the sound of rain on a heron s wings All of this might be regarded as the speech of the Earth When we speak or write poetry that engages these voices we become participant in the patterns of the watershed. Read Estuaries –

Jason Kirkey grew up in the North Atlantic watershed of Massachusetts in a small town north of Boston At the age of twelve he began his long apprenticeship to the earth and soul He moved to Boulder, Colorado where he attended Naropa University and in 2007 obtained his Bachelor s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in Contemplative Psychology and Environmental Studies His thesis work focused on healing the human nature relationship in the Irish druidic tradition, in preparation for which he took several trips to Ireland between 2004 and 2006, and studied for a semester in Dingle, Co Kerry at the D seart Institute of Education and Celtic Culture Throughout his undergraduate career he was also heavily influenced and inspired by deep ecology, ecopsychology, Buddhism, and the Shambhala tradition of enlightened warriorship as taught by Ch gyam Trungpa.In November 2006 Jason formed Hiraeth Press as a vehicle for the publication of his poetry He has since released three collections of poems, Portraits of Beauty 2006 , Songs from a Wild Place 2007 , and The Ballad of the Sea Sweet Moon and Other Poems 2008 In 2008 the Press worked with the Ecos Systems Institute to put our Courting the Wild Love Affairs with the Land to which Jason also contributed an essay.In late 2008 Jason finished work on a manuscript tentatively titled Wild Earth, Wild Mind The Ecology of Celtic Spirituality which deals with the themes of Irish mythology and the re invention and integration of the human species into consonance with the living cosmos It draws heavily on ecological studies, mythology and folklore, and the nondual mystical traditions.Most recently Jason has moved to San Francisco to study at the California Institute of Integral Studies in the Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness program He is in the early stages of writing a fourth collection of poems and is developing experiential programs in order to bring his work with Place, Nature, Soul, and Story to the public.

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