Love In Ruins

Love In Ruins Eager To Escape A Disastrous Relationship, Archaeologist Ellie Harper Jumps At The Chance To Travel To The Remote Scottish Highlands And Excavate The Ruins Of Castle MacKinnon However, No Matter Where She Goes, The Shadow Of Her Ex Follows Her, Promising She Will Never Be Free Of Her Painful PastBut When A Mysterious Stranger Turns Up Half Dead On Her Doorstep In The Middle Of A Violent Storm, Ellie Is Thrust Into A Realm Of Ancient Secrets And Impossible Magic That Challenges Everything She Holds DearFaced With A Heartbreaking Decision, Ellie Must Put Her Emotions And Logic Aside To Help Laird Ewan MacKinnon Find A Way Home To The Thirteenth Century If A Way Exists What She Doesn T Expect Is To Journey To A Past Astounding Than History, Find A Love Precious Than Ancient Treasure, And Survive The Deadly Wrath Of An Evil Man S Revenge

Before reading Erin s books, please note that she writes using UK English, which can vary from the US English in spelling, grammar and phrases.Erin Grace s love of collecting and reproducing antique lace led to a deep connection with the past She felt every snippet of the precious fabric held a unique story one Erin longed to tell.But, as no two pieces of lace are the same, neither are Erin s s

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  • 08 September 2019

10 thoughts on “Love In Ruins

  1. Kelsey says:

    It was okay 2.5 stars.This was a very fast read It seemed like a lot of things could have been better developed, and the ending is very easy to see Still a fun read, just no depth or character growth.

  2. Jeanette Little says:

    I loved the book I am a big fan of time travel and this book did fairly well there were a few things that asked the question, how did that happen , but an explanation was usually found in the story somewhere once you think about it I loved the characters and the story I look forward to reading from this author.Booklover

  3. Margaret says:

    Loved it, a must read.I really loved this book, it flowed wonderfully Great characters If you like time traveling books with great highland worries, you ll love the twist in this book.

  4. Amy says:

    I read this book on a whim highlander time travel got me I actually enjoyed the characters and story I would have enjoyed the book if author had expanded on a few things and gave me an epilogue.

  5. AllAboutThoseBooks says:

    EnjoyableA fun, quick read Likeable main characters The bad guys are very bad and the good guys are very good You can see the end coming a mile away, but it s still a nice trip Recommend.

  6. Marsha Wright says:

    Thank you Erin Grace This was a good story, unusual choices for the characters but love wins in the end It was a enjoyable read.

  7. Rachell says:

    Absolutely unreadableThe editing was unbelievable Was this proofread by a 5 year old Spelling, sentence structure, missing words, it was unbelievably distracting Not to mention how unlikely and unbelievable details in the story were I m relatively forgiving when it comes to time travel romance, I don t expect an epic piece of literature But this was downright unreadable.

  8. sara says:

    What sophomoric crapI was stupid enough to keep turning the pages.this is on the level of a tenth grade fantasy Will never get the time back I wasted on this stupid book

  9. Kathrine Leannan says:

    The past meets the future This is one of those stories you need for cold windy days, when you can read and dream Wonderful Erin Grace I was very sorry to see this book come to an end.

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