Hopeless[PDF / Epub] ✅ Hopeless ⚣ Colleen Hoover – Heartforum.co.uk Sometimes discovering the truth can leave you hopeless than believing the liesThat’s what seventeen year old Sky realizes after she meets Dean Holder A guy with a reputation that rivals her own and Sometimes discovering the truth can leave you Hopeless than believing the liesThat’s what seventeen year old Sky realizes after she meets Dean Holder A guy with a reputation that rivals her own and an uncanny ability to invoke feelings in her she’s never had before He terrifies her and captivates her all in the span of just one encounter and something about the way he makes her feel sparks buried memories from a past that she wishes could just stay buriedSky struggles to keep him at a distance knowing he’s nothing but trouble but Holder insists on learning everything about her After finally caving to his unwavering pursuit Sky soon finds that Holder isn’t at all who he’s been claiming to be When the secrets he’s been keeping are finally revealed every single facet of Sky’s life will change forever.

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  • 03 February 2014
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  1. Aestas Book Blog says:

    Potential casting for Holder by Colleen ^^^ EVERYONE DROP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND READ THIS BOOK Hopeless utterly blew me away It was the kind of book that makes me want to stand on a rooftop and shout how amazing it is to the whole world Beautiful heart wrenching and uplifting5 stars One of best books of 2012 Colleen Hoover’s writing is absorbing captivating and flows so smoothly you barely feel the pages slipping byAfter just reading the prologue I Was Hooked and I just knew that I had to put my life on hold until I finished it It gives you a taste of where the story is headed and just grabs at your heart in a way that makes you just NEED to know When Sky meets Holder her life changes He is the first guy to make her heart skip a beat The first guy to really make her FEEL “I’ve never been swept off my feet I don’t get butterflies In fact the whole idea of being swooned by anyone is foreign to me Somehow in the course of sixty seconds this guy has managed to swoon me then terrify the hell out of me” Dean Holder was absolutely amazing With just a touch of bad boy lickable dimples a crooked smile and a tattoo this moody mysterious and endearing hot guy with a temper just utterly stole my heart “I saw a guy at the store after school and holy shit Six He was beautiful Scary but beautifulas soon as I looked at him it was like my entire body melted to the floor He was Wow” Deeply protective and totally swoony but with a bad rep he was so contradictory – warm cold Sweet sharp Just like Sky I just NEEDED to know about him And the I learned the the mystery deepenedI loved watching them get closer and closer Their chemistry was undeniable and their dialogue and banter was rapid fire and brilliant and just set my heart a flutterWhat they had was intense passionate and oh so REAL Every single thing they went though and did was believable and just made you wish you knew them in personI loved that the story was serious but little parts made me laugh out breaking up the emotionally charged scenes I swooned sueed proclaimed my undying love for the book and had to take breathers to wipe the tears that sprung up on me than onceI felt so in sync with Sky’s emotions and journey I felt like I went through all her emotions without ever once feeling disconnected Through her eyes I fell in love with Holder I felt her pain and confusion and I felt her healing She was a wonderfully strong brave heroine – the kind you want to look up to and make you feel proud ofThis book has the most beautiful intense breathtaking first kiss EVER without actually kissing Curious? You’ll have to read it and see But I am not kidding it was one of the best written kisses I’ve ever readI loved that the story was emotionally charged but with absolutely no stupidity All the characters’ reactions were understandable and just made me and sympathetic to them This isn’t to say that there wasn’t angst and heart clutching turmoil because there was The subject matter and themes are serious gut wrenching and very mature This book is definitely 17 New Adult “Sometimes you have to choose between a bunch of wrong choices and no right ones You just have to choose which wrong choice feels the least wrong” I have to say that I didn’t see the big reveal coming I had my suspicions about one part of the story but the other part totally took me by surpriseAll the pieces of the story just build and build layer upon layer of things you don’t even realize are important until the secrets come out and the cascade of emotions from them just crash into you and take your breath away “Life is real and sometimes it’s ugly and you just have to learn how to cope” This is a uite simply a beautiful story about love and survival About hope and healing About life and death About coping with tragedy and finding forgiveness and peace About being strong About being a victim but also a survivor I honestly do not have one single complaint about this book I have entire pages of my copy highlighted Its THAT goodEvery word every sentence every scene puts the imagery of the story into your head so vividly that you feel as though you are right there watching the events unfoldThis book NEEDS to be made into a movieI can't wait to buy this book in paperback Its going to be going right up on my top favs shelf 3This is one of those stories that will stay with you foreverAnd yes there is a HEA “Fuck all the firsts Sky The only thing that matters to me with you are the forevers” PS Thank you Colleen Hoover for providing me with an ARC to review I'm so excited for all of you to read itFor of my reviews visit Aestas Book BlogAnd come join the Aestas Book Blog Facebook Page

  2. Emily May says:

    I am conducting what I'm shelving as a New Adult NA Experiment I'm going to work my way through some of the popular New Adult books and see if I can weed out the crap and hopefully find some surprising gems Here's hopingWhen I started this experiment with the New Adult genre I knew I was going to have to face a lot of things that I wouldn't like This genre has become known during it's short lifetime for its sexism its slut shaming its poor writing its eyeroll worthy characters and its creepy portrayal of young malefemale relationships But I think Hopeless disappointed me a lot because it started well and it could have been good Yes it goes with the usual girl with issues plotline and the reformed bad boy love interest but Hoover writes in a way that's engaging she weaves humour into every conversation to make you warm to the story and characters almost instantly And then she ruins itLet's meet Sky Davis She has all these issues to tell you about She's never attracted to guys Never gets butterflies Never feels swept off her feet by emotions She makes out with all these guys because she enjoys the numb feeling she experiences during the makeout sessionsThe boys sneak in her window make out with her then she kicks them out without feeling a single thing She doesn't sleep with them though because that would validate the rumours that she's a slut And she is NOT A SLUTPlease bear with me while I try to careThere is a confusing mix of messages being sent out here about being a slut what that means and how we're supposed to react to it I get the feeling that the author wanted to treat us to an atypical protagonist who is somewhat sexually promiscuous as opposed to the usual blushing virgin well done mix it up a bit I say but she seems afraid of her reader's inability to like a slut so she had to make up for it by getting the heroine to freuently and adamantly state I am not a slut and simultaneously drew parallels between a mean personality and revealing clothing on other girls If the author had just been brave enough to challenge the stereotype to steer clear of the assumed negative correlation between sexuality and morality then this could have been a very different and a much better bookAnother thing that bothers me is the shallow obsession with looks in this novel Everything is excused every act of violence and stalkery forgotten because the love interest is a glowing ball of hotness Litchick addressed this issue wonderfully Dean Holder is a creep If he looked any different Sky would have not believed his behaviour to be remotely okay she would have ran screaming in the opposite direction He sees her ID for two seconds and then suddenly remembers her full name home address date of birth height and donor status He knows detailed information about her that she never told him Sky pauses for all of five seconds to think it's weird that he knows these things but then she gets distracted by his beautiful eyes or perfect muscles No literally she faints She faints because he's so hotMore than that Sky is immediately cured of her numb lack of butterflies affliction as soon as she sees Mr Beautiful I'm calling it instalove you can call it what you will but whatever it is it's fucking weird She is immune to all guys except Dean Holder and why? Because he is perfectly beautifully gorgeous No other reason He's a violent creepy stalker but He's beautiful Not too big not too small Not too rough not too perfect And they are such empty shallow adjectives that say nothing He could be a chocolate eclair based on that descriptionI'm genuinely worried about what these books are teaching young women about relationships with men They say everything is okay as long as he has a pretty face Stalking? Of course Violence? Perfectly natural Grabbing your chin the second time you meet him? A small price to pay for that level of hotness on your arm No No And also NO Who does that? For one who grabs your face the second time they meet you? For another who stands there and thinks that's okay? Why are these books telling you to ignore your basic instincts of self preservation Like this uoteMy instinct is telling me to run and scream but my body wants to wrap itself around his glistening sweaty arms StupidAnd alsoNormally I wouldn't take water from strangers I would especially not take water from people I know are bad news but I'm thirsty And stupidThis book tells girls and women to ignore the valuable advice their parents gave them when they were young about what to do if approached by a strange man who offers you a drink and appears to know everything about your life including where you live It tells them to ignore all of this because he has a pretty face Well I've got two words for you to google Ted Bundy Or Young Stalin

  3. Navessa says:

    When I started to read this book there were over 43k ratings and the average was 457 I was understandably nervous because in the past such high ratings usually mean that I’m the one person on the planet who’s going to HATE it Not only did I hate this book all 70 pages that I managed to read and all of its horrible stereotypes and cheesy scenes but I was really troubled by it You see I’ve been noticing a disturbing trend in YANA books lately and this is probably the best example of it I've come across What is it you ask? Simply put it's characters not recognizing and not reacting properly to the dangerous behavior of strangers because they’re “hot” I'm sure I'll get hate spam for this but I think it needs to be pointed out anyway Imagine this; you see a guy and he looks likeHe catches your eye and glares at you You’re understandable unnerved and proceed to leave his presence in a hurry He then chases you down and demands your name You’re creeped out as you should be and you refuse But when you try to shut the door of your car to get away from him he won’t let go of it and demands your name again Do you call for help? Of course not it’s broad daylight what’s he gonna do? Do you mace him? Of course not that'd be mean Do you cave and tell him your name? Of course you do Why? Uh hello? Who could say no to this faceHe doesn’t believe you when you give him your name Why? Who cares? So you smart person that you are hand over your driver’s license to prove it You know that thing with your name age DOB address and a list of your greatest fears on it He looks at it for a minute and hands it back saying that he’s sorry he thought you were someone else Finally common sense kicks in and you shut your car door and leave In your rearview you see him punch the hood of his car Don’t worry sane people do it all the time Also he looks like thisThe next time you see him is later in the day while taking a break during your daily run You’re bent over trying to catch your breath when he sneaks up behind you and says Hello What? Of course that's not random and totally fucking creepy He's just trying to be nice He notices how out of breath you are see? NICE and offers you his water bottle while demanding you drink some You trust that he didn’t slip some GHB into it because he looks like thisYou start chatting about your run while you try to catch your breath and mention that you have another mile or so to go He corrects you and says 25 Weird huh? You ask him how he knows this His response is to rattle off ALL the information from your driver’s license including your address and the fact that you’re an organ donor But don’t worry organ harvesters and serial killers never look like thisStill you’re a little unsettled so you try to leave He stops you from doing so by grabbing your water bottle and retreating into his house to refill it Don’t worry he’s not adding horse tranuilizers You contemplate leaving anyway but when the door opens again and he tells you he’s running back to your house with you you obviously acuiesce because I mean COME ON the dude looks like thisNow replace every one of theseWith thisKind of changes your perspective a little doesn’t it? It shouldn’tCreepy is creepy ladies Just because someone has the face of an angel it doesn’t mean they won’t cut you up into little pieces Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

  4. Dd says:

    BreathlessSpeechlessHelplessFlawlessHOPELESS The sky is always beautifulEven when it's dark or rainy or cloudyit's still beautiful to look atit'll be there no matter whatand I know it'll always be beautiful Hello ReadersAfter Slammed and Point of RetreatColleen Hoover presents us with HopelessAnd I swear this is something you won't be forgetting anytime soonSo meet with Sky Want to know what kind of a girl she is??She's realShe's lovelyShe's sarcasticShe's bluntShe'sdifferentWhen Sandra Bullock walks away in the end of The Forces of Natureshe is the kind of girl who says It's realYou can't get mad at a real endingSome of them are uglyIt's the fake happily ever afters that should piss you off She's the the type of girl whowhen she finds notes called 'Whore' stuck to her lockerthinks Really?Where's the creativity in that?They couldn't back it up with an interesting story?Maybe a few details of my indiscretion?If I have to read this shit every daythe least they could do is make it interestingIf I was going to stoop so low as to leave an unfounded note on someone's lockerI'd atleast have the courtesy of entertaining whoever reads it in the processI'd write something interesting like'I saw you in bed with my boyfriend last nightI really don't appretiate you getting massage oil on my cucumbersWhore' And unfortunatelyshe is also the type of girl who does not get attracted to boys muchgets bored while making out and never gets butterfliesBut all that changes when she sees him for the first timeDean HolderAs soon as she lays her eyes on himshe immediately notices three things 1 His amazingly perfect white teeth hidden behind that seductively crooked grin2 The dimple that form in crevices between the corner of his lips and cheeks when he smiles3She's pretty sure she's having a hot flashOr she has butterfliesOr maybe she's coming down with a stomach virusThe feeling is so foreignshe's not sure what it isAnd so their story startsBut Readersthis is no ordinary boy meets girl and they fall in love storyI watchedBreathlessspeechlesshelplessSomething extraordinary rise He's moodyhe's got a temper andhe's justhe's hopelessI don't know what my type isbut I know I don't want it to be HolderThis is lust?I hate itI absolutelypositively hate this beautifulmagical feelingHis eyes are scrolling over my face and he's smiling just enough that his dimples are showingI nod and hope he backs the hell away from mebecause I'm about to have an asthma attack and I don't even have ashthma Readersall this do not even begin to cover this storyThere are some terrible secretsSecrets whichif they ever come outwill crush Sky's world to pieces Will their fragile love survive this??I can not tell you anything else without giving away some major spoilersAnd they are called spoilers because they will spoil the story for youI can't do it Fuck all firstsSkyThe only thing that matters to me with you are forevers And I swear I will spend every last breath thanking you for allowing yourself to love meThank you so much for loving me Ta Ta ReadersEnjoy

  5. Katerina says:

    “Not everyone gets a happily every after Life is real and sometimes it's ugly and you just have to learn how to cope” Before I started reading Hopeless I thought I was ready for everything The tissues and the chocolate ice cream were nearby and the only thing missing was a steel in case I needed to draw an iratze over my heart It turns out I was not ready I was not ready for a book I hated as much as I loved itI hated it because it forced me to witness a pain so raw so deep that felt like I was punched in the stomach It took effort to turn the pages to make my brain comprehend and accept that life isn't about fluffy love and happily ever afters It can be ugly and messy It can be Hell I realised I live inside a bubble where tragedies are something that can't touch you This book took away my wings and my precious pink cloud it made me sick and angry and sad so sad that I could taste the saltiness of my tears many times I hated it for bringing me back to the real world “My lack of access to the real world has been replaced completely by books and it can’t be healthy to live in a land of happily ever afters” But at the same time I loved it wholeheartedly Because it also showed that you can fight your nightmares when you have someone to hold you That human touch and understanding and unconditional love can heal the most tortured soul Holder healed me as he healed Sky he restored the faith I lost The hopeless boy made me hope “Fuck all the firsts Sky The only thing that matters to me with you are the forevers” Both Sky and Holder were flawed and damaged beyond repair or so it seemed A broken boy with anger management issues an indifferent girl who made out with boys she didn't even like only to help her numb her mind they didn't get along at first but the connection and the bond that developed between them was something they could not control a magic thread that united their souls Holder gathered Sky's pieces and one by one he put them in their right place Sky kissed Holder's wounds bandaged them with love and held them together with her bare hands “I want you to keep them open because I need you to watch me give you the very last piece of my heart” But I assure you it wasn't all about pain and self discovery I caught myself smiling many times and I suspect that the people in the bus who saw that thought that I ran from a mental asylum because my grin was extremely goofy and I felt lighthearted even though I did not like Sky She is not one of my favorite heroines but she will stay with me whether I like it or not Holder on the other hand I welcomed him with open arms in my book boyfriends list Because he made my heart flutter and my eyes water with his compassion and kindness And hotness “I’ve been looking for you my whole damn life” Every time I read a book by Colleen Hoover I discover something new that makes me appreciate her even This time it was the way she made me feel by describing just a light kiss or a caress I felt them from my head to my toes I felt them in my nerves and in my veins I felt alive and in love in a breath taking way “I live you Sky he says against my lips I live you so much” I live Hopeless It may not be my favorite CoHo book but I recommend it to all of you who want to discover a uniue love story that rised from the ashes of two tormented hearts

  6. Debra says:

    5 ENDLESS STARS The sky is always beautiful Even when it's dark or rainy or cloudy it's still beautiful to look at It's my favourite thing because I know if I ever get lost or lonely or scared I just have to look up and it'll be there no matter whatand I know it'll always be beautiful Hope is what comes in the dark of the nightHope is what whispers 'It will all be alright'Hope can blaze like a fire in the heartHope can reach across worlds set apartHope when lost can bring a world to the groundHope when forgotten can be silence amongst soundHope if not reached for is unlikely to be thereHope if searched for can be found anywhere There isn't a single thing about this book that I didn't love It was wonderful mesmerizing hypnotizing heartbreaking and breathtaking at the same time I couldn't for one second put it down while I was reading it expect when absolutely necessary off course but even then the story continued to live on inside my head I loved all the characters their sense of humor and their way of living; and I loved the amazing writing style of the author Colleen Hoover I found myself wanting to highlight almost every passage in it because the words were so beautiful and perfectly chosen Hopeless was absolutely one of the best books I've read in 2012 and it's a book that will stay with me for very very long time Hopeless is the story about a seventeen year old girl named SkyShe's the kind of girl that doesn't cry Ever Not since she was five anywayShe's the kind of girl that doens't get upset over an ugly ending because It's real And you can't get mad at a real ending Some of them are ugly It's the fake happily ever afters that should piss you offShe's the kind of girl that loves to read but doesn't know what an e reader is because her mother doesn't believe in technology You're kidding right? He leans toward me You don't know what an e reader is? I shrug It still looks like a tiny TV to me She's also the kind of girl that doesn't feel anything the kind that's never been head over heels in love; I've never been swept off my feet I don't get butterflies In fact the whole idea of being swooned by anyone is foreign to me The real reason I enjoy making out with guys is simply because it makes me feel completely and comfortably numb But then she meets Dean HolderThey meet and it's explossive intense and a little scary Somehow in the course of sixty seconds this guy has managed to swoon me then terrify the hell out of me But Holder is the first guy that can finally make Sky feel again I've gone so long trying to find ways to feel numb any chance I get but seeing the enthusiasm behind his eyes right nowit makes me want to feel every single thing about life The good the bad the beautiful the ugly the pleasure the pain I want that I want to start feeling life the same way he does And my first step to doing so starts with this hopeless boy in front of me who's pouring his heart out searching for that perfect word wanting desperately to help me add feeling back into living We read about how they fall in love with each other and about how they give each other hope again We read about their past and about what brought them together Going much further into the storyline would be spoiling too much but let me tell you it's not like anything you could expect It's much better and you will be amazed by the intensity and originality of it I would also like to say that I LOVED the other characters in the book as well Especially Six and Breckin Sky's very bestest friends in the whole wide world They're the kind of friends anyone would want in their life they're sarcastic and adorable at the same time and they will literally make you laugh out They make reading the beautiful story of Sky and Holder even better No matter how much I want to scream at him and make him leave I find myself wishing he could sueeze me just a little bit tighter I want him to lock his arms around me and throw away the key because this is where he belongs and I'm scared he'll just let me go again He wraps his pinky around mine as if he doesn't have the strength to hold my entire hand But it's nice because we've held hands before but never pinkiesand I realize that this is another first we've passed And realizing this doesn't disappoint me because I know that firsts don't matter with him He could kiss me for the first time or the twentieth time or the millionth time and I wouldn't care if it was the first or not because I'm pretty sure we just broke the record for the best first kiss in the history of first kisses without even kissing Fuck all the firsts Sky The only thing that mathers to me with you are forevers My advice to everyone who hasn't read this book is Read it Read it and get carried away by the beautiful story Colleen Hoover has written and that will capture your heart in the most wonderful way possible Living I say The desperation in his eyes eases slightly and he lets out a short confused laugh What? He shakes his head trying to understand my responseLive If you mix the letters up in the words like and love you get live You can use that wordHe laughs again but this time it's a laugh of relief He wraps his arms around me and he kisses me with nothing but a hell of a lot of relief I live you Sky he says against my lips I live you so much AND I LIVED THIS BOOK SOOO MUCH

  7. Christine Riccio says:

    I LOVED THIS BOOK the only reason it's not 5 stars is because it made me really sad at parts but it was wonderful 3 I have a booktalk filmed and i'll be posting it eventually

  8. Cristina Monica says:

    What a storyI’m stunned Did I really read what I just read? Did the author really create such an impressive plot? While I didn’t know who Colleen Hoover truly was before picking one of her works up so glad I chose Hopeless now I do know; she’s a brilliant contemporary romance authorThis is such a heartbreaking story Yet it does contain some beautiful moments of joy swoony love and real honesty That’s what I preferred the most actually; how honest the main character was with us She isn't that kind of NA main character that lies to herself all the time and makes us roll our eyes because we obviously know that she loves the guy and even though she says she doesn’t want him everyone else knows she does as well It was a breath of fresh air A heavy one though and provoking some many emotions inside of us but it was so incredibleSky may have become my favorite contemporary romance heroine of all time Now I know that I haven’t read that many contemporaries in my life since my favorite genre is fantasy but you can believe me when I say that that girl is everything you will look for in a main character; she’s strong stubborn kind brave loving caring a good girl beautiful A very beautiful personTo be honest I found the romance a bit too overwhelming by moments especially right before Sky and Holder became officially a couple and mainly because the secondary characters started to ‘disappear’ It’s like the author did want to only focus on Sky and Holder’s relationship but it started to sometimes feel cheesy and cheesy romance is not of my favorite sorts How can a normal human being not like—love admire swoon over sigh when seeing live—Holder? Because yeah even though I stated above that there were cheesy moments and Holder was the main reason of those you can’t help but mark that character in your ‘best book boyfriends’ list because who wouldn’t want to be loved by someone the way he loves Sky?I know I doThe second reason why I dropped a star is that the writing seemed to me a bit simplistic as in many words were repeated and that usually in the same paragraph Maybe the author was aware of it Maybe she did it on purpose but word repetitiveness is and will always be one of my pet peevesFinally oh guys you need to read this one It will surprise shock impress grip and absorb you into its story And those wonderful characters how happy I am for having ‘met’ them They will stick with me for a good while And so I hope the same thing will happen for you

  9. Christy says:

    5 stars I’m not sure how to put into words how much I loved this book One of the best I’ve read this year It was such a beautiful story once I started this one there was no hope for sleep I couldn’t put it down It had some twists and turns I did not expect I love all Colleen Hoover’s books her writing is awesome but this is by far the best It is in a class of its own Incredible This is Sky and Holder’s story Sky is awesome She is funny brave and just real Sky is a teenage girl with a wacky vegan mom who is anti technology She has been home schooled her entire life and decides she wants to go to public school for her senior year of high school with her friend Six Although she has been home schooled she is not cut off completley from the world She and Six have fun together and she has fun with boys Although making out with her ‘flavor of the week’ is fun she gets bored She’s never really felt anything just numbness Which is just fine with her When she starts at the high school without Six who ends up doing foreign exchange She has a bit of a rough start and develops a bit of a reputation due to some of her flavors of the week that go to school there One of the best things about Sky is the way she handles this The girls at school leaving notes on her locker that say ‘Whore’ All it said was “Whore” Really? Where’s the creativity in that? They couldn’t back it up with an interesting story? Maybe a few details of my indiscretion? If I have to read this shit every day the least they could do is make it interesting She does make one friend at school A super fun and lovable ‘morman’ named Breckin the kind of friend that after a bad day will say “I’m not even going to tell you what I think about what just happened in there But I know it sucked and I have no idea why you aren’t crying right now but I know your heart hurts and maybe even your pride So fuck school We’re going for ice cream” Now to the main attraction My Holder 
When Sky see’s Holder for the first time somethings strange happens As soon as I lay eyes on him I Immediately notice three things 1 His amazingly perfect white teeth hidden behind that seductively crooked grin 2 The dimples that form in the crevices between the corners of his lips and cheeks when he smiles 3 I’m pretty sure I’m having a hot flash Or I have butterflies Or maybe I’m coming down with a stomach virus 
Thats right after all this time of not feeling anything she finally feels It kind of freaks her out a bit Somehow in the course of sixty seconds this guy has managed to swoon me then terrify the hell out of me 
Holder and Sky have some crazy chemistry They had this unknown connection Holder is the greatest Wow He will make you swoon make you melt make you scream and really just steal your heart I could go on and on and on about Holder about how perfect he is but instead I will let him speak for himself “Let me inform you of something the moment my lips touch yours it will be your first kiss Because if you’ve never felt anything when someone’s kissed you then no one’s ever really kissed you Not the way I plan on kissing you”“Live If you mix the letters up in the words like and love you get live You can use that word”
“I live you Sky I live you so much”“I’ve been looking for you my whole damn life”“Because you are so strong baby You’re amazing and funny and smart and beautiful and so full of strength and courage What he did to you doesn’t take away from any of the best parts of you You survived him once and you’ll survive him again I know you will” 
and my most favorite line of his “Fuck all the firsts Sky The only thing that matters to me with you are the forevers” Sky felt so strongly for Holder and he felt the same way about her Their relationship was intense We have just wholly fallen into each other heart and soul I never thought I would ever be able to trust a man enough to share my heart much less hand it over completely I really want to go on and on about their relationship and all the twists and turns and the complexity of this book but I will not spoil it You absolutely have to read it yourself Wow There was a lot I didn’t see coming “Because the sky is always beautiful Even when it’s dark or rainy or cloudy its still beautiful to look at It’s my favorite thing because I know if I ever get lost or lonely or scared I just have to look up and it’ll be there no matter what and I know it’ll always be beautiful” This book was so amazing just incredible I laughed a lot I cried a lot It was emotional and intense it moved me It was as close to perfection as you can get and a story I will never ever forget If you haven’t read this drop everything and start it I loved it One of the best books I have read this year

  10. Kristen says:

    5 HUGE Stars–And My Favorite Read Of The Year Oh my gosh This book This unbelievably heartfelt emotional gripping book I LOVED this book I mean I REALLY loved this book Like I loved EVERY SINGLE THING about this book I think you get my drift It been a long time since I've fallen wholeheartedly in love with a book its characters and its love story I adored this heartbreakingly emotional story It made me laugh it made cry and it made me believe in young love I loved the heroine Sky She's one of the best female YANA leads I've read to date As for the hero Holder he simple stole my heart I can't begin to tell you how much his wonderfully written character affected me I'll be honest I couldn't fully understand why so many readers gushed about this author's work Until now I had only read her last few releases and while I felt the writing was excellent I can't say I overly enjoyed the love stories in fact I hated Ugly Love So after finishing her latest release I decided to give her earlier books a try to see what all the fuss was about Oh my goodness to say I'm glad I did is an understatement I NOW get I NOW understand why so many of my friends love this author Her Slammed series is excellent and this bookwell it blew me away Hopeless is a book that will forever live in my heart The way it made me feel from the first page to the last is why I read romance It's by far my favorite read this year I can't praise it enough

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