The Second Shepherd's Play

The Second Shepherd's Play[PDF] ✓ The Second Shepherd's Play By Wakefield Master – Lisl Beer adapted this famous play from the Towley Manuscript of Old English As observed in FaceBook “The play is actually two separate stories presented seuentially; the first is a non biblical sto Lisl Beer adapted this famous play from the Towley Manuscript of Old English As observed in FaceBook “The play is actually two separate stories presented seuentially; the first is a non biblical story about a thief The Second Epub / Mak who steals a sheep from three shepherds He and his wife Gill attempt to deceive the shepherds by pretending the sheep is their son The shepherds are fooled at first However they later discover Mak's deception and toss him on a blanket as a punishment”.

The Wakefield Mystery Play cycle is the work of many authors some sourced from the York Cycle However the most significant contribution has been attributed to an anonymous author known as the Wakefield Master It is The Second Epub / believed that his additions include Noah The First Shepherds' Play The Second Shepherds' Play Herod the Great and The Buffeting of Christ This common authorship is suspected d.

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  • 05 July 2016

10 thoughts on “The Second Shepherd's Play

  1. Ella Grace says:

    Absolutely hilarious I was definitely not expecting this to be as funny as it was but I couldn’t stop laughing I forgot that it was a religious play until right when the Angel appeared at the end which was a dramatic mood shift from mischievous shepherds

  2. Lisa says:

    Had to read this for my Shakespeare class looking back at how plays were before him and I must say that I uite enjoyed it Usually old English plays are hard to follow but this one certainly wasn't and it was a nice story Though when the Angel calls upon them after they've dealt with Mak was pretty random

  3. Genni Eccles says:

    Just read this for my British Lit class Don't have too many thoughts but it was pretty entertaining The whole sheep plot was funny but the story itself got pretty sidetracked when the Angel came Not the best thing I've ever read for a class but it didn't hurt either

  4. Cáitín says:

    This is a lovely play base on religious faith told in old English language full of rhyme and alliteration a short play which is love to read

  5. Masanobu says:

    Extremely short Medieval play about the Annunciation to and Adoration of the Shepherds that was really fun to read I enjoyed how human the shepherds and their complaints were Lord what these weathers are cold and I am ill happed Lord these weathers are spitous and the weather full keen;And the frost so hideous they water mine eenNo lieNow in dry now in wetNow in snow now in sleetWhen my shoon freeze to my feetIt is not all easyThey complain about the weather about the work how masters live off their hard labor while not paying them enough Shepherd #2 also complains about his wife and women in general but he's my least favourite shepherd Then Mak comes along and performs magic to steal a sheep which then Mak's wife Gill hides as her newborn baby And they all sing What's not to love about this silly musical caper? Considering that religious plays were the only accepted form of theatre back when this was written the religious theme seems tacked on at the end as an excuse for the play but the parallels between both nativity scenes are genious a baby God who's come to Earth to destroy the devil and a horned and hoofed baby related to magic changelings and deceit It must have been great on stage

  6. Lisa says:

    Didn't completely read this play just bits and pieces For a medieval play I have to say it is uite funny

  7. Melissa Rudder says:

    The Second Shepherds’ Play has the honor of being the first play I will under no circumstances well maybe a few imagines debating about early episodic drama in a coffee shop while sipping hot cocoa getting annoyed and deciding to instead of pouring hot cocoa over the opponent’s head recommend this play in order to torture the opponent recommend to anyone Although my professor of British Literature course one drummed into our heads that the “middle ages” and “renaissance” are clearly problematic groupings of artistic development I must say that the anonymous The Second Shepherds’ Play is clearly a fruit of the stereotypical dark agesThe idea is that the story of a trickster hiding a pig in a cradle parallels and contrasts the story of Jesus’ birth The comparison did nothing for me I was neither enlightened by seeing the story of Jesus’ birth in a new light nor moved by experiencing similar stories through the eyes of the shepherds When I write these reviews I always take the chance of looking dense worrying that the story is a lot than I give it credit for Hopefully that’s the case with this oneOkay so apparently medieval writers were all about the world being united beyond time so there are numerous anachronisms that drove me nuts Basically the shepherds who discovered Jesus were already Christians AnnoyingSo in conclusion don’t read The Second Shepherds’ Play Or if you have and you saw something in it tell me

  8. Tom Romig says:

    I read this in anticipation of the performance November 27 2016 at the Folger Turns out it was great preparation While it's not absolutely necessary to read the work in advance it does enrich the experience Certainly spending some time with a good summary and character overview is essential The Folger performance was greatly enriched by over 20 musical pieces most of them from the 15th century and earlier and thus familiar to the medieval mystery play audienceThe Second Shepherd's play is noted for its marvelous characters all clearly drawn which distinguishes the work from the stock characters of most mystery and morality plays Also fascinating is the balance of the play The stolen sheep hidden in a crib and the Christ child in the manger forgiving the thief for his capital offense and the forgiveness brought into the world by the new born ChristThe play reveals much about its contemporary audience One startling example to us is that this audience wasn't put off by the shepherds' walk from Yorkshire to Bethlehem a journey of miles and decades

  9. Air says:

    I have read a lot of plays from a lot of different time periods and was surprised at how hard it was to follow this one I finished it once went and did some online research and had to read it again to honestly understand it I suppose it is a great play as an introduction into the middle ages of plays but it is a big bite to swallow

  10. Marie says:

    I was kind of weirded out by the random sheep snatching side plot as well written as it was It's also an interesting paralel to the nativity scene later in the play though it came off as very didactic to me I guess that was the point All in all not my cup of tea especially since the old english dialects made it hard to read

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