The Somonyng of Everyman

The Somonyng of Everyman[Download] ➾ The Somonyng of Everyman By Unknown – This scarce antiuarian book is a facsimile reprint of the original Due to its age it may contain imperfections such as marks notations marginalia and flawed pages Because we believe this work is cultu This scarce antiuarian book is a facsimile reprint of the original Due to its age it may contain imperfections such as marks notations marginalia and flawed pages Because we believe this work is culturally important we have made it available as part of our commitment for protecting preserving and promoting the world's literature in affordable high uality modern editions that are true to the original work.

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The Somonyng of Everyman PDF Ú The Somonyng  Epub /
  • Paperback
  • 52 pages
  • The Somonyng of Everyman
  • Unknown
  • English
  • 01 September 2016
  • 9781419118739

10 thoughts on “The Somonyng of Everyman

  1. Jan-Maat says:

    Everyman is your typical jolly medieval play man is happy man receives word that he is doomed to die man desperately scrabbles around for a chance of salvationI'm not sure if it surfaced first in English or in Dutch under the name of Elckerlijc presumably performances predated the oldest surviving written version It presumably might have been performed in its rhyming verse with abstract concepts like Good Deeds as it's main characters in much the same way as the Mystery Plays in public spaces on high days and holidays religion for the massesI saw a modern performance A curious thing a show by the National Theatre filmed and broadcast in cinemas it was pretty tolerable naturally in order to be modern rather than medieval God was removed while swearing and references to drugs and alcohol were addedUnsurprisingly no amount of swearing or mind altering substances can make up for the lack of God whether this was the cleverly subtle point the Director wanted to make or if they were simply too clever for their own good I don't know but I did spot that the entire play becomes pointless without some kind of religious superstructure view spoiler although it seems to me that one could easily make an atheistic or Humanist version but one still needs to maintain some faith in the power of wisdom good deeds and virtuous living to provide comfort and reassurance in the face of life's end hide spoiler

  2. Duane says:

    This play reminds us that Everyman all of us at the end of life when standing in judgement will have only our “good deeds” to stand on our behalf I personally believe that also a good heart good intentions showing respect and caring for others will also stand with you Interesting but written in a style that makes it difficult to read

  3. Mario says:

    I'm actually uite surprised I liked this drama I had to read it for university and I never really liked books with religious influences but I liked this one uite a lot It made me laugh a few times and I liked the message that the drama sends that only your good deeds stay with you after you die So far in university this year we've been reading really interesting stories so I hope that this streak of interesting books will continue 'till the end of this year

  4. Anthony Vacca says:

    I read this on a two fold whim one I've had a growing interest of late digging into the pro and anti religious texts of yester centuries and two I decided to give my rusty skills at reading Middle English a tuning Everyman is the medieval morality play that gave us the surprise Everyman archetype that can be readily found in many books movies and TV shows The play's set up is fairly simple God is pissed that everyone of us is sorry sack of sinning shit so he tells Death to go down to Earth and pick on Everyman who is natch the allegorical figure for everyone Death tells Everyman his time here in the mortal grind is up so now he has to go account for all his sins in heaven What follows is a pretty heavy handed instructional on how to be a good Catholic this was a play sanctioned by the Church after all to entertain and inform all the illiterate peasants cowering in the pits that was the late 1400's England Here's what you need to know for the test don't rely on friends or family because they will abandon you and don't rely on your five wits senses knowledge beauty physical wealth strength or discretion all of these represented as allegorical figures of course because none of that will matter to you when you're dead So what's your best bet you worthless worm beneath God's toes? Go to confession and do nothing but good deeds If you're lucky then God even though he knows better might not throw your sorry ass into Hell for the rest of eternity Have a wonderful rest of the day readers

  5. Monika says:

    Everyman is a medieval morality play I felt that it's kind of too preachy but that's what morality plays are The play reminds us that at the end of our life when we're standing for judgement it's only Good Deeds that won't leave our side What stood out is its immense contemporary relevance even though it was written long ago An enjoyable read

  6. Casey says:

    The date of my read for Everyman isn’t accurate but the year I read it is

  7. Sioned Raybould says:

    Was assigned to read this for uni in relation to Shakespeare I have to admit that I was sceptical at first really didn't have a clue what it was about But after an hour of intense reading and analysing I have found myself pleasantly surprised Everyman is a play which tests the morals of an individual who has been faced with death Said individual looks to his 'friends' fellowship kindred cousin knowledge beauty strength good deeds discretion and five wits to walk with him on his journey of redemption before he dies All betray him but one good deeds Even if we look at this play from a secular point of view it speaks to us telling us that life is short and death can greet us at every corner even at times we don't expect Do we should do good in the world and give back as opposed to allowing ourselves to be absorbed by what the world has to offer usAs a Catholic I found myself relating very much to this play and it has in some respects really provokes thought about my own morals and how I am currently leading my life Am I living worthily of Christ? Could I dedicate myself to Christ? No and absolutely I read this as part of The Norton Anthology of English Literature v1 and I would really advise this short but thought provoking play to everyone It is a beautiful and wonderful read I read a modern version still medieval language but easier to understand and I'm sure that such copies can be found online I'm not going to break this play apart will save that for class but giving this play any less than five stars would be doing it a grave injustice Absolutely wonderful and a must read

  8. Momo says:

    Readers will follow the final day of Everyman after he is summoned by Death to leave the world of the living and face his ultimate judgment Desperate not to meet this challenge alone he seeks the companionship of all those he’s held dear during life and is shocked to see which will betray him in his time of greatest need and which will stand by his side This play refreshes the mind and brings attention to the things that should matter most in your life the things that will matter forever instead of just right now There is a strong religious influence in the story but the overall message is one that I believe can benefit both the religious and non religious alike I gave this play a 4 star rating because I think that it has a great message it was a refreshing and at times challenging read due to it being written in Middle English Regardless on your view of life after death wouldn’t the world be a better place if all of us kept our friend Good Deeds healthy and strong?

  9. Sarah says:

    “When something happens to you good or bad consider what it means There is a purpose to life's events to teach you how to laugh or not to cry too hardYou can't make someone love you all you can do is be someone who can be loved the rest is up to the person to realize your worth”

  10. Minh says:

    A morality play at best but too didactic for my own taste The words are as always very interesting considered they were written in the medieval period

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