Aces Wild

      Aces Wild
Yes, Dad, I slammed his fist in a locker for no reason, I drawl For crying out loud, I m not stupid I haven t done anything that might inconvenience you and Mom while you re ripping up the family God forbid I actually step out of line Ace, I swear Dad starts out, taking a step forward Banshee s hand lands lightly on his shoulder It looks like a gentle touch, but I see Dad strain against it for a second and realize he s not moving Ace, tell me the truth Your mother s going to show up sooner or later, I m sure, and she s going to blame this on me, regardless, he grits out He broke his own hand, I mutter, crossing my arms over my chest, punching me in the face Dad stares at me blankly before turning on Matt You PUNCHED my son in the face he demands It it s starting to change color, Matt almost whimpers, looking at the hand in question How can I play football with a broken hand Download Aces Wild Author R.J. Ross –

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Aces Wild book, this is one of the most wanted R.J. Ross author readers around the world.

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      Aces Wild
 Author R.J. Ross –
  • Kindle Edition
  • Aces Wild
  • R.J. Ross
  • English
  • 19 June 2018

10 thoughts on “ Aces Wild

  1. Hobbes says:

    Ace descends from the Loaded Deck line, a line of powerful illusionists Justin and Morgan met him in the future in the previous book but they cannot remember what happened Morgan only knows she must save Ace, possibly changing t...

  2. Jerry Newhouse says:

    As the title states, this is book six in the Cape High Series Even though I normally detest Novella length novels, these stories are just the right length to make it work It doesn t leave me with that cheap, just caught another episode of a soap opera feeling Each story deals with the life of a new super and his take on the current theme Starting with book five, the current theme is dealing wi...

  3. lavonda mace says:

    Aces High Aces High is a very good book for all ages The pace of the events that happens just keep wanting you to turn the next page.

  4. Mim says:

    Aces Wild follows on from Morgan and Justin s forgotten adventure in the future Ace is an angry, troubled kid that is ready to lash out, but on balance he just wanted his Dad to notice and to find somewhere where he might fit in It s a nice sto...

  5. Geli says:

    Your father is a superhero You re a mormal or at least that s what your father thinks But hey, if he can t even notice your glowing eyes, maybe he doesn t deserve to know Small problem here are your bullies, that other superheros did notice and the small fact that you might lose control

  6. Abi says:


  7. Kosh says:

    A new adorable future supervillain

  8. Sean says:


  9. Coyora Dokusho says:

    Well, I never finished all the reviews, but let s try again Really liked Ace s story and how the kids were working together

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