James Ellroy: Style and Sorrow

      James Ellroy: Style and Sorrow
His Mother s DeathThere was nothing influential to James Ellroy s career as a writer than the early 50s homicidal murder of his Mother It evoked a chord of grief that would last thru his career The world was no better off because of the tragedy, but Ellroy needed to cope with the worst loss he would have to face in his life Ellroy learned to develop a means of coping with the loss as a writer He confessed in My Dark Places that it was the event that made him a writer Kakutani, 1995 Was writing a tribute to his Mother or a means of dealing with the pain The language he developed over the course of his career allowed Ellroy to reopen the case of his Mother in My Dark Places in order to self investigate the long ago murder of the woman of his life, his Mother. Read James Ellroy: Style and Sorrow author Clinton R. LeFort – heartforum.co.uk

My writing career began in grade school, where I became interested in reporting and poetry I wrote lots of poetry and prose in High School, then developed a philosophy in graduate school After graduating from LSU and USC I became interested in dramatic writing for theater and film My latest works have been a combination of spirituality, suspense and philosophy Back in 2006 I wrote 4 major books, which came out of several small newsletters I registered with the Library of Congress My present interest are in screenwriting and spirituality how to express religious truths for the screen One discovery as a writer is that you are always searching for the perfect way to say the same basic human experiences withmeaning, helping the reader to remember a word, a phrase a meaningful event so that the author and the reader can relate.

      James Ellroy: Style and Sorrow
 By Clinton R. LeFort IBN :  Format : Kindle Edition – heartforum.co.uk
  • Kindle Edition
  • 13 pages
  • James Ellroy: Style and Sorrow
  • Clinton R. LeFort
  • English
  • 22 July 2018

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