Viaje al amanecer

      Viaje al amanecer
Novela autobiogr fica de Mariano Pic n Salas, publicada en 1943. Download Viaje al amanecer By Mariano Picón Salas –

Mariano Federico Pic n Salas, was an influential Venezuelan diplomatic, cultural critic and writer of the 20th century Among his books, his collection of essays on history, literary criticism and cultural history are remarkable He travelled a lot through the Americas His work is also important because of his wide perspective, studying the culture of the entire continent He left Venezuela, under the political persecution of dictator Juan Vicente G mez Living for a large period in Chile, he studied History gaining the degree of Profesor de Historia and later the Doctorate on Philosophy and Letters.He came back to Venezuela in 1936, working as a professor and author He founded the Asociaci n de Escritores de Venezuela Writers Association from Venezuela , and worked for the Ministry of Education.His studies on Barroco de Indias the term that he coined to talk about the baroque from Hispanic America are very influential among the general study of Baroque.He received the National Prize for Literature in 1954 He taught at Columbia University, New York.

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      Viaje al amanecer
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  • Viaje al amanecer
  • Mariano Picón Salas
  • Spanish
  • 13 June 2019
  • ISBN842860 Edition Language Spanish Other Editions None found All Editions

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  1. Guillermo Flamerich says:

    Novela que te transporta a la ni ez provinciana de los andes venezolanos Una poca,un pa s y una vida a decidir.

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