Immortal Reckoning

      Immortal Reckoning
I love a good romance and all things paranormal, so this Immortal Prophecy series is very near to my heart The story is a paranormal romance with a slightly different take on the Arthurian legends and mythology In this story, Merlin and Morgan le Fey weren t witches or sorcerers, but powerful Elemental Immortals, able to manipulate the elements at will These stories revolve around a prophecy really, what good paranormal tale involving Ancients wouldn t have one and a young Immortal s fate as the Chosen One Paired with her preordained warrior, they are destined by prophecy to defeat an evil Immortal bent on gaining ultimate power and upsetting the balance of the Universe The story of a female Highlander meeting her own Aragorn from Lord Of The Rings in a contemporary setting, the series is a story of a magickal, fated love wrapped in a grand and dangerous journey Immortal Reckoning is a short story prequel to the Immortal Prophecy Series, taking place in 1912, where we get a bit of back story for the Chosen One, Isadora Winthrope before she meets her warriorand we learn how dangerous her plight really is At 200 years old, Isadora Winthrop is an infant in the Immortal world, so what turn of events has put a target on her back For a second time in two centuries, an ancient evil is stalking her, a mighty Immortal bent on destroying her to gain his own ascension She was lucky in her first clash with Darius, High Priest of Avalon, but this time around she may not survive She s not strong enough to best him in a face to face battle, that s certain She needs helpand right now To that end, she s made a pact with a shadowy group known as Sentinels, but will they be able to protect her, or will they lead this ancient evil right to her doorstep Read Immortal Reckoning –

A native of Oregon, Joni Sauer Folger spent twenty two years with an airline traveling and moving around the country before settling down near the beautiful Pacific Ocean with her three very spoiled cats She writes Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance under the name J.G Sauer, and Cozy Mysteries and Romantic Suspense under Joni Folger When she s not spending quality time with the characters she creates, she enjoys gardening, crafting, and working in local theater.

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      Immortal Reckoning
 PDF by J.G. Sauer –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 45 pages
  • Immortal Reckoning
  • J.G. Sauer
  • English
  • 13 September 2018

10 thoughts on “ Immortal Reckoning

  1. Roberta Bettis says:

    In this short story prequel you learn just enough to be intrigued How does an Immortal who was once human learn to live with the consequences of immortality How do the people who care about her live their lives and protect her secrets Immortal Reckoning is set in Isadora Winthrope s past Fast paced, the story was over mu...

  2. Sandie Laughner says:

    This short story prequel to an upcoming series was quite exciting I was taken in by the characters and story line Dory is a mortal who was given immortality 300 yrs ago The only problem is keeping one step ahead of the Dark One every 100 years for a month If he ca...

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