Native Justice

      Native Justice
With his heart blown to bits by a staggering loss, Sheriff Zeb Hanks falls into an abyss of drunkenness, hatred and rage With the help of Deputy Kate Steele, former Sheriff Jake Dablo, Medicine Man Jimmy Song Bird and close friend Josh Diamond, Zeb pulls himself back from the edge and turns his rage on the cause of his torment, a Mexican drug and human trafficking cartel On his quest for revenge, Zeb grapples with how far he must go to exact justice and whether the end justifies the means. Free Read Native Justice [ Author ] Mark Reps [ Kindle ePUB or eBook ] –

Mark Reps has been a writer and storyteller his whole life Born in small town southeastern Minnesota, he trained as a mathematician and chiropractor but never lost his love of telling or writing a good story As an avid desert wilderness hiker Mark spends a great deal of time roaming the desert and other terrains of southeastern Arizona from December to May A chance meeting with an old time colorful sheriff led him to develop the Zeb Hanks character and the world that surrounds him Mark returns often to SE Arizona for inspiration, information and to maintain the general feel of the area, learn its history and understand the local residents.When Mark started writing he became pen pals with Tony Hillerman who offered up tips, criticism and ideas on some of his early novels His books are often compared with the Longmire television series and books by Craig Johnson.Mark s most recent project is the eighth installment of the ZEB HANKS series, NATIVE DESTINY which launched in the spring of 2018 He is working on a Zeb Hanks Novella which will be distributed free to subscribers Books nine and ten and likely beyond are planned at a pace of one per year through 2020 Welcome to the series Signup for new releases and free content outat markreps1Many thanks to the many wonderful, loyal readers out there Feedback is always welcome and Mark tries to respond to every request and question If you read and enjoy the books, please review them onand Goodreads.

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      Native Justice
 Kindle Ebook Author ☆ Mark Reps Ë –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 261 pages
  • Native Justice
  • Mark Reps
  • English
  • 20 September 2019

10 thoughts on “ Native Justice

  1. Roger says:

    Good readThis has been another very entertaining and good entertaining book to be able to find and be able to read

  2. Rosemary says:

    Native Justice a review by Rosemary KennyBook 4 in this excellent series set in the Grand Canyon State, is about the case solved by Sheriff Zeb Hanks and his Deputies and tells of the murder on their wedding day of the newlyweds, Zeb and restaurant owner Doreen The resulting emotional devastation felt by Zeb leads him to dereliction of duty and to seek false refuge in the bottom of a bottle Deputy Kate Steele takes the reins...

  3. Lynn says:

    Made me do something I don t like to doI have been enjoying Mark Reps series of Zeb Hanks books very much, but was in a quandary about this one There are two types of books I don t care to read Those are about the Mafia or the Mexican drug cartels My experience has been that I don t like the overload of violence and the way these organizations are glorified If I com...

  4. mickey ferris says:

    ReviewThis was an exciting book one of the best in the seriesImproved fast and kept you interested Very good story.

  5. Darrell Minard says:

    Justice achieved.yI feel Mr Reps brings in the reality of things really are I am finding in his novels he portrays life , As it really happens, instead of sugar coating the major characters Why did I like the book, as I have lived in Arizona for better than seventy years, I also lived in Miami Az Close to the Reservation so a lot the places a...

  6. Kathy says:

    This book, the 4th in the Zeb Hanks series, grabbed me from the first few pages, and I couldn t put it down Just when you think a character is too integral to the series to disappear, Reps surprises you The do...

  7. Nancy Phy says:

    A great readWhen I started this book I almost didn t finish it It s not one of my usual types of book I got so caught up in the characters that I decided to read on.The best part of the book is the end If you like a good mystery you will enjoy this book.

  8. Patricia A. Bryant says:

    Good ReadEnjoyed reading the series of four books Were easy reading with just the right amount of suspense Most of the twists and turns were not predictable.

  9. Marilyn says:

    Goodthe evil that people do in the greed for money and power.the way people are used to comment murders and ruin lives.

  10. Gary B. McMann says:

    Very Good.It was as it was Very Good Thirteen word are unnecessary and a waste of my time If you want my rating, then let me do it my way.

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