Heroes, A Raconteur House Anthology

Heroes, A Raconteur House AnthologyWhat Are Heroes What Defines Them How Great Or Small Must Their Actions Be To Be Perceived As One Are Only The Courageous Who Sacrifice Everything Lauded As Heroes Or Can True Heroes Be Defined By Their Small, Unnoticed Actions Join Honor Raconteur And Her Fellow Authors As They Explore The Concept Of What It Means To Be A Hero, Big And Small, And The Journeys They Embark Upon Toward That Heroism The Sleeping Prince Ss By Honor RaconteurYoung Sevana Warren Is Faced With The Daunting Mission Of Rescuing Her Cursed Best Friend From The Sleep Princess Curse And While She May Be A Child Prodigy, She Is Only Nine, And The Particular Consequences Of The Curse Couldn T Be Dire For Death Is A Certain Result If She Can T Wake Him Up The Trials Of Isaac Edmundson By Esther SaksAll Isaac Edmundson Has Ever Wanted Is To Be Free From His Apprenticeship To The Oracle The One His Dad Lost Him In A Bet To And When The Oracle Goes On Vacation For The First Time In, Well, Ever, Isaac Grabs At The Chance To Leave But When His Plans Go Awry Namely Due To Unwanted Customers , Isaac Has A Decision To Make Go Ahead And Leave Or Stay And Clean Up The Mess He S MadeGnomish Night Railroad By Gavin DriskellTwiggs Barkvalve, Gnome Engineer And Wayport Specialist, Finds Himself Taken Hostage By Grollops Who Want Him To Create The Magical Trains Gnomes Are Known For Along The Way Back Into Grollop Territory, Twiggs Learns Information That Can Save The Dying Gnome Race, But The Question Is, How Can He Tell His King The News Without Endangering Everything And Everyone In The Process Cry Havoc By Jordan MacLeanMorgetiud Ap Aeddan Is Determined To Make Up For His Cowardice So Many Centuries Ago And Finally End His Curse Of Immortality He S Certain That The Next Step In His Absolution Lies In The Sunken Aethelfrith In The Form Of Treasures His King Had Promised Would Turn The Tide Of Battle Against The Norman Invaders However, In His Search For Truth And Resolution, He Must Decide What Is Truly Important And If The Cost For His Dreams Is Worth The PriceMepa By Glenn MichaelsWith The Testing Of The Ground Breaking Gravitic Drive, Colonel Vladimir Ushakov Is Proud To Be A Part Of Securing Russia S Future In The Space Race An Onboard Explosion Destroys Their Chance At Making History As Victors, Instead Putting Them In A Position Of Crash Landing On Earth S Surface And Killing Millions Vladimir Is Faced With The Ultimate Captain S Choice Follow Orders And Save His People, Or Go Down Fighting And Secure Russia S Place In History

Ever since I was a toddler, I have been making up stories I d entertain anyone willing to listen to my wild fantasies about unicorns and gargoyles and amazing people At 13, I started writing the stories down At 23, I finished the first book that was, in my opinion, good enough to publish.I spent three years trying to publish my book, Jaunten, the old fashioned way The problem was my story was outside of the norm for young adult fantasy it didn t have vampires or the supernatural in it, it was clean enough to earn a PG rating, and there wasn t any dark overlord to defeat No literary agent would pick it up because it didn t fit the fantasy formula that all of the popular books did.I put the idea of having my book published off to the side for a while as I finished a Bachelors in English at Middle Tennessee State University But as I worked on my third degree, the idea of being published came back to me This time, while working as a paralegal, I had a better grasp of the laws involved of doing self publishing For six months, I did a great deal of research in how to do self publishing the debt free way.It was hard I was working full time, going to school full time, and living on my own I never really had a break I was always working on something At times I felt like my brain would just go into meltdown from having to learn so many different things to make my idea work.After six months, I thought I knew enough to publish myself I put Jaunten out as an ebook, created a website and forum so that fans could communicate with me, and spread the word as best I could Within three months, I was selling internationally Within six months, I was making enough to quit my day job and sit at home, writing full time.After six months of writing, publishing, and building up a reputation, I started to be approached by other people wanting to emulate what I did I soon realized that there was a niche out there waiting for me to fill it a place where original fiction could be published and released into the world As of February 2012, I started my own publishing house, called Raconteur House Since that point I have signed on four additional authors not including yours truly and am attractingin a steady stream.I have continued to write and publish the rest of the series through my House When I m not writing or editing, I like to go out into the community and give presentations of how to be an author It s actually really fun to talk to all of these people who want to be authors Most people think that you can t make any money being an author actually, you can And you can do quite well It s just a matter of working really hard, having a little talent, and knowing how to market your books All I m doing with these presentations is giving people the know how to make their dreams come true.While it s true that you don t need a college education to be an author, I encourage everyone to be as educated as possible I have a lot of experience and education that most people don t, and that s what gives me an edge in writing I ve lived in places as obscure as Tehachapi, California and other places as large as Salt Lake City, Utah I hold three different college degrees I practice two different martial arts I think I ve tried every life experience that came my direction All of that is incorporated into my books, and that s what gives reality to my worlds and characters.Even if I abruptly stop selling books tomorrow which I don t see happening I would still continue to write Creating characters and worlds is that much fun Once you start, you become quickly addicted.

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  • Heroes, A Raconteur House Anthology
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  • English
  • 12 January 2019
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10 thoughts on “Heroes, A Raconteur House Anthology

  1. Bethany says:

    So i have to admit i only read Honor s story Bad i know i will eventually go back and read the others but for right now i really just wanted to know how Sevana brought Kip back I like Sevana i really do.

  2. Teresa Carrigan says:

    Anthology by various authors This means that some of the stories are not my cup of tea Bought the book for the first story which I thoroughly enjoyed Second story was good Didn t finish any of the others although they were readable just not for me.

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