Blood of Fallen Crowns: Blades of Vengeance

      Blood of Fallen Crowns: Blades of Vengeance
Will the Princes and Jater resolve their differences and conquered their biggest threats Blood of Fallen Crowns by Zhu Hsia is a rich epic fantasy great for fans of A Thirst of Vengeance, A Cry of Honor and A Land of Fire In Blood of Fallen Crowns Blade of Vengeance, a KongPub novel, Jater is Captain of the Guards in the city of Dundeen He may be very young, but he s also very capable, and he loves his position However, he s been having trouble relating to the older warriors around him, dreaming of glorious battles and fame amongst the warriors Jater longs to fight in a real war, despite the fact that his kingdom has not seen war in over a thousand years One night, everything changes when two half dead Princes are brought to his healing houses, and the men discover that friendship is often one of the best methods of healing a broken spirit Young Prince Frances faces a long period of mental, emotional, and physical healing after a disastrous confrontation Prince Lance is facing a similar problem and also in need of healing The human and his Elven friend each travel to the Elven city of Dundeen, only to discover that you can never really run from your problems they follow you wherever you go Many challenges await the young men as they go through the healing process, but they also discover true friendship and build relationships with new friends along the way Will the Princes be ready to meet their destiny when the choice is made to take the throne from their abusive King fathers Will they live through the epic battles Join Frances, Lance, and Jater as they develop friendships and learn to resolve personality flaws in order to become stronger men Learn that sometimes it takes drastic measures to solve life s biggest problems, but that you can do almost anything with the support of a few close friends. Best Read Blood of Fallen Crowns: Blades of Vengeance [ Author ] Jasmine Bowen [ Kindle ePUB or eBook ] –

Jasmine Bowen is an accomplished actress living in the heart of Hollywood North She has performed across the nation on stage, and internationally on television and film, working with Donald Trump, Joe Estevez, U2 and the Black Eyed Peas She currently hosts The Cache Metals Market Overview on AM640, a national station by Corus Entertainment She has always been inspired in creating characters for audiences on paper, stage and film Jasmine has published many short stories, and eBooks over the past few years, both online and in hard copy She currently has a feature length novel on shelves The Children Will Inherit The Earth , and book two of the series is due out in mid 2013.

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      Blood of Fallen Crowns: Blades of Vengeance
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  • Kindle Edition
  • 164 pages
  • Blood of Fallen Crowns: Blades of Vengeance
  • Jasmine Bowen
  • English
  • 16 April 2019

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    Great story concepts and undeveloped fully One of life s gifts, true friends, sometimes develops through shared challenges In Blood of Fallen Crowns Blades of Vengeance, Jasmine Bowen and Zhu Hsia use a world of fantasy to show how elves and humans can share similar circumstances and form long lasting bonds of friendship to see t...

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