Chosen Mates (Beasts of the Bay #1-3)

Chosen Mates (Beasts of the Bay #1-3) The San Francisco Bay Area Has A Long History Of Hosting A Diverse Human Population Things Get A Little Bit Wilder Than Human Alone, Though Witches, Werewolves, And Even Demons Have Claimed The Territory For Their Own Yet Amidst Power Struggles And Supernatural Threats, Love Still Finds A Way This Collection Brings Together Three Intertwined Stories Of Modern Women And The Powerful Shifter Men Who Love Them Cat And Mouse As Far As Luke Kapur Knows, He Might Be The Last Weretiger Left In The World Orphaned At A Young Age, He S Only Had Limited Exposure To Other Shifters And Has Never Met A Female He Wanted As A Mate That Is Until He Met Curvy Dawn Biancardi, A Woman Who Unknowingly Carries Shifter Blood In Her Veins The Last Blue Moon Getting Over Your First Love Can Be Difficult For Anyone, But It S Especially Hard For Werewolves Sofia Leones Claimed Hunter Quezada As Her Mate When They Were Still In College Yet When He Was Accused Of Being A Man Eater, Her Father Threw Him Out Of The Pack And She Didn T See Him Again For A Decade Not Until Bodies Begin Piling Up And Hunter Suddenly Returned To Her Life Lost In Heat James Littlewolf Is An Alpha Male Werewolf Who Has Dreamed For Years Of His Destined Mate When He Found Tina Sleeping Peacefully In The Underbrush, He Was Sure He Had Found Her At Last Instead He Discovered She Didn T Even Know What She Was Educating Her When All He Wants To Do Is Take Her Will Push His Self Control To The Limit Excerpt From Cat And Mouse The Touch Could Have Been An Accident, But My Body Certainly Didn T Think It Was There Was A Sudden Throb Of Awareness As Heat Collected Between My Thighs And My Nipples Contracted Into Hard Little Pebbles Charisma And Sex Appeal Rolled Off Of Luke Like The Fog Coming In Over The Bay, But He Had Always Kept Things Perfectly Professional Between Us There Was No Reason To Assume Things Were Different Now, Was There I Was Still The Chubby Nerd I Had Always Been But He Had Called Me Beautiful Have They My Voice Sounded A Touch Too High And Breathless To My Own Ears I Picked Up My Glass To Finish To Finish The Whiskey Off, Then Looked Around The Bar Maybe We Can Find Some Company For You Here Do You Think So His Hand Settled On My Knee I D Been Wearing A Skirt Which Fell To Just Below Knee Level, But Sitting Down Drew It Up Further So That His Hand Was On My Bare Skin I Debated With Myself Over What To Do For A Few Heartbeats Before I Shifted My Leg In Closer To His Touch For The Sake Of Modesty I D Been Keeping My Knees Together, But The Move Parted Them A Little As Well The Unspoken Invitation I D Just Made Left My Mouth I Ve Noticed That Pair Over By The Door Watching You For A While, If That Was Your Sort Of Thing, I Said Luke Turned His Head To Check The Table I D Indicated Is That What You Think I Want Luke S Fingers Slid Up The Inside Of My Thigh, Inching Their Way Further Up Under My Skirt They Re Not Really My Type I Drained My Whiskey In One Swallow, Then Set The Glass Down A Touch Heavily Than I Had Intended No I D Rather Have A Woman With Meat On Her Bones His Hand Was Fully Under My Skirt Then Sitting Close Together With The Bar In Front Of Us Hid Most Of What He Was Doing, But It Was Still Outrageously Public My Heart Pounded And I Felt Just A Touch Lightheaded

Lilith T Bell always dreamed of becoming a writer and in 2012 she finished her first novel Almost immediately afterward, she became deathly ill Then her house burned down As if in some Job like drama, she lost nearly every word she had ever written.Undaunted and perhaps taunting angry gods she continues to write.Today, Bell lives in the northwoods of the Midwest with her cat and travels freq

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  • Chosen Mates (Beasts of the Bay #1-3)
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  • 09 March 2019

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  1. Connie says:

    Book 1 Liked it Fast paced, Intriguing and hot shifter read After the breakup of Dawn s horrible marriage, Luke not only reveals to Dawn his attraction to her but that he s a shifter Liked the chemistry and interaction between them Enjoyable read Book 2 While this shifter story was different, I did like it Due to Sofia s father and some miscommunication, Sof...

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