Blue Read Blue Author M.R Sharan This Is The Tale Of Reddumone, Or Two Face, A Lankan Spy It Is Also The Tale Of Rama Of Ayodhya Clever, Loyal And Powerful, Reddumone Is The Perfect Spy Noble, Strong And Brave, Rama Is The Quintessential King Their Paths Cross Often, Over Several Decades And Across The Length Of The Indian Subcontinent Against A Background Of Civil Wars And Murderous Coups, The Two Form A Strange, Knotty Friendship It Is A Bond Marked By Mutual Respect, Divided By Loyalty And Complicated By A Seemingly Impossible Ideal Dharma.The Novel Follows Ramas Moral Arc From An Unyielding Adherence To Dharma To A Nuanced Understanding Of Righteousness Reddumone Too Follows A Similar Curve, Balancing Loyalty And Love As He Finds His Own Moral Centre.In This Self Assured And Complex Debut, M R Sharan Blends Mythology With Philosophy And Spiritual Yearning With Political Machinations Blue Is, Ultimately, A Love Song To Rama, The Man And The Idea Of Him It Will Forever Change The Way You Read The Ramayana.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Blue book, this is one of the most wanted M.R. Sharan author readers around the world.

[ Reading ] ➾ Blue  Author M.R. Sharan –
  • Hardcover
  • 242 pages
  • Blue
  • M.R. Sharan
  • English
  • 08 September 2017
  • 9789351362838

10 thoughts on “Blue

  1. Gayatri Khandige says:

    Written from the heart and so well ,it held my attention from start to finish I loved the character of Reddumone brought to life wonderfully..

  2. M.R. Sharan says:

    Sumana Mukherjee, writing in the Mint, says It s a familiar story but the novel narrator brings an edge to the telling that is irresistible In addition to the judicious selection of the well known episodes that the spy witnesses, there is also Reddumone s own backstory, of growing up on the idyllic beaches of Lanka, gradually becoming aware that his father was no ordinary travelling merchant, and of the impact of his profession on his mother Sharan revels in the greys, debating right and wrong, good and evil, choice and compulsion without ever getting weighed down by their enormity In fact, it is the very lightness with which the author approaches his epic material that is the winner here Like Zaidi, Sharan too leaves a great deal to the active imagination of the reader unlike Zaidi, though, the open ends are exciting, even provocative, not merely titillating Perhaps the most intriguing is the love that bloss...

  3. Saritha says:

    Love the character of Reddumone, but little else.Given the premise, my take is that it feels like a smaller excerpt of a bigger book I wouldn t trade the lovely little tales of Reddumone s growing up years But given that Reddumone is a contemporary of Rama, god prince of Ayodhya, I thought that there would be interesting conflicts arising with him accompanying Rama on his war against Ravana There was simply no expanse or big enough arc befitting a character like Reddumone The conflict of loyalty is fleeting We love Karna from the Mahabharata for his quality of loyalty with the conflict of whom to be loyal to There is no equivalent character in the Ramayana with the potential of such a story except, perhaps Vibheeshana The fictional Reddumone was a brilliant opportunity and could have come close to Karna minus the ties of blood The jumping POVs in the last chapter don t help either Either I am not very fond of disjointed narratives or there s a ce...

  4. Sara Dovre Wudali says:

    This retelling of the Ramayana frames a lovely, particular, close study of the character of a friendship Because I m not terribly familiar with the Ramayana, my impressions of the epic are like a lovely, hazy ring helping to narrow my focus on the childhood of Reddumone and his relationship with Rama The fine line between philosophical meaning and narrative interest is handled expertly, and as I read I kept thinking, jealously, how exactly does such a young writer learn how to have so much depth I know th...

  5. Viju says:

    I picked this book up initially thanks to a recommendation from a person I follow on Twitter and thanks to the different cover the title Blue written in red I have always had issues with Ramayana portraying people as either completely good or completely bad, and I am glad Sharan picked up a grayish theme for the interpretation here This doesn t contain the whole Ramayana It instead has the life of a spy and how his life intersects with Rama s With a tou...

  6. Lavanya says:

    I bought this on a whim, and started it with a fair amount of prejudice that I wasn t going to encounter anything new , and that it was just another shot at retelling a story that s been retold only too many times now I was however, very...

  7. tapi says:

    When I started reading this book, it seemed to have the setup of a spy thriller woven into Ramayana I was expecting a Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy But, as the story progressed, the emphasis was less on the spying and on the protagonist delving deep into the...

  8. Anusha Parthasarathy says:

    Racy, great narrative and brilliant ending.

  9. Anand Mamidipudi says:

    Admit to cousinly bias, but this book is as original as they come on the subject of Rama.

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