Pushing Naughty Buttons (Alien Transformation Erotic Thriller)

      Pushing Naughty Buttons (Alien Transformation Erotic Thriller)
In this erotic thriller, 18 year old Rod ventures to his neighborhood gym only to find it empty At last, Rod is alone with Tim, the handsome personal trainer who s showering in the locker room When Rod touches himself to the sight, he sprouts three plastic buttons Buttons which, when pushed, not only transform Rod into a woman, but reveal the reason Tim s washing blood off his body WARNING Contains mild violence and disturbing imagery STORY SAMPLE Reluctantly, Rod looked down between his legs Staring through the tears as the orgasm finally subsided, it looked like his c ck was changing The head of his c ck was growing wider, stretching out four inches in diameter His hard shaft remained unchanged, making his genitals look like a large toadstool The larger his tip grew, the darker its color became, shifting from pink into bright red Terrified, Rod reached out at the shape, but his hands jumped back when he discovered how much sensitive it was He reached for it again, but missed the mark His shaft was beginning to retreat into his body, lowering the large head down to skin level He watched dumbfounded as a shiny steel ring rose around the base of his c ck, one that matched perfectly the diameter of the red dome his c ck had become When the base of his tip met the metal, it rattled and tingled, and the tip of his c ck turned inward into a gentle concave curve The tug on his c ck stopped, and the compressed had that remained felt hollow and hard Then something oozed out of his crotch and into the shape It felt like he was urinating, but still, nothing came out of him Instead, the red shape turned translucent, revealing a swirling liquid inside When the sensation stopped, he ran his fingers across the indented curve The sensitivity was gone The hole was no longer there Hard plastic was all he felt At last, Rod figured it out Somehow, his genitals had been replaced by a large red button But why Rod was frightened, but at the same time, intrigued He heard Tim walking toward him, wanted to look into his eyes once , but he couldn t stop examining it The light of the shower room illuminated the translucent plastic, and inside he could see the fluid inside roll and boil, dark trails illuminating each undulation His hands slid down to the spot, but he stopped for a second If this is a button, he thought to himself, what the hell does it do The fear returned, but an equal amount of curiosity kept it at bay He reached a compromise He would touch the button, but stop short of pushing it Maybe once he did that, he could figure out a way to get his c ck back His right hand took the lead, offering its middle three fingers to the task As the fingertips lowered down to the button, Rod braced himself for another shock of pain But when he touched it, he only felt plastic Warm plastic The liquid beneath the shell tingled against his fingertips, and when he lifted them, the sensation took a few seconds to subside Curious, he rubbed his finger over the button, then turned the button clockwise in its cradle The tingling returned, and this time simmered through his loins, moving lower until the tiny hairs on his buttocks twitched Mmmm, Rod hummed, sliding his other hand up his thigh He looked up and saw Tim standing right in front of him, his c ck so close to his body that he could feel its heat Tim, what s h happening to me Tim didn t answer. New Read [ Pushing Naughty Buttons (Alien Transformation Erotic Thriller) ] author [ Zoey Hayes ] For Kindle ePUB or eBook – heartforum.co.uk

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      Pushing Naughty Buttons (Alien Transformation Erotic Thriller)
 By Zoey Hayes – heartforum.co.uk
  • Kindle Edition
  • 19 pages
  • Pushing Naughty Buttons (Alien Transformation Erotic Thriller)
  • Zoey Hayes
  • English
  • 04 August 2018

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