Sıcak Öğle

      Sıcak Öğle
Ana, Ah Tanr m, ah Tanr m diye ba r yordu, nk yine b t n g c t kenmi ti O, umudunu, bo yakar ya ba l yordu Onun gibi bir ba ka kad n da bir ya am n ba lanmas i in b t n gece yakarm , sabah uyand nda o ya am n yitirildi ini g rm t spanyol yurtsever Julian Grimau nun ilkbaharda idam edili inden nce olanlar an ms yor musunuz O geceyi, kar s n , ocuklar n an ms yor musunuz Kar s n n, Amerika Birle ik Devletleri Ba kan na, kocas n n ya am n kurtarmas i in yakar n O gece Birle ik Amerika n n nas l uykuda oldu unu, Ba kan n uyudu unun s ylendi ini an ms yor musunuz Download Sıcak Öğle –

Yordan Radichkov was a Bulgarian writer and playwright.Literary critics Adelina Angusheva and Galin Tihanov called him arguably the most significant voice of Bulgarian literature in the last third of the 20th century Some literary critics have referred to him as the Bulgarian Kafka or Gogol Radichkov is widely known for his numerous short stories, novels and plays He is also known for the screenplays of the Bulgarian film classics Torrid Noon 1966 directed by Zako Heskiya, The Tied Up Balloon 1967 and The Last Summer 1974.In 2000, Radichkov was decorated with the high government prize the Order of the Balkan Mountains In 2007, a monument dedicated to him was officially opened at the garden of the former Royal Palace, nowadays National Art Gallery in Sofia city centre.

      Sıcak Öğle
 By Yordan Radichkov IBN : 9755450734 Format : Paperback –
  • Paperback
  • 143 pages
  • Sıcak Öğle
  • Yordan Radichkov
  • Turkish
  • 06 May 2018
  • 9755450734

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