Ain't She Sweet?

Ain't She Sweet?[Reading] ➸ Ain't She Sweet? Author Susan Elizabeth Phillips – In high school Sugar Carey had reigned supreme She alone had decided what or who was cool Her spiral perm had been the perm against which all others were measured and her opinion on which boys were ac In high school Sugar Carey had reigned supreme She alone had decided what or who was cool Her spiral perm had been the perm against which all others were measured and her opinion on which boys were acceptable to date the only one that counted A beautiful blonde if not always benevolent dictator she had a reputation for being the wild child in her home town the girl most likely to set the Ain't She PDF \ world on fire and leave a trail of destruction in her wake When she left home she swore she'd never return Only now fifteen years and several husbands later she's run out of money luck and optionsBut Sugar arrives back home to discover that everyone else is living her life Her half sister is married to Sugar's high school sweetheart the teacher she schemed to get fired is now a successful novelist and owns her old house She also discovers that people have long memories especially where Sugar is concerned.

SUSAN ELIZABETH PHILLIPSSusan Elizabeth Phillips is the creator of the sports romance beginning with her bestseller FANCY PANTS An internationally acclaimed author her books have been published in over languages She’s the only four time recipient of the Romance Writers of America’s prestigious Favorite Book of the Year Award and a recipient of their Lifetime Achievement Award Susan'.

Ain't She Sweet? Epub É Ain't She  PDF \
  • Paperback
  • 464 pages
  • Ain't She Sweet?
  • Susan Elizabeth Phillips
  • English
  • 01 July 2014
  • 9780749935085

10 thoughts on “Ain't She Sweet?

  1. A. says:

    5 StarsI'm blown awaySuddenly all other books look pale in comparison Even those I've five starred beforeYou know that saying about readers and different tastes? I wish it wasn't true Because I want all of you to see its beauty I want all of you to experience everything I felt while reading it I want all of you to adore it as much as I doI am not ready to move on to the next book Am not ready

  2. Jasmin says:

    Have you ever experienced reading and enjoying it until the author says something which is uite unforgiveable that it destroyed almost everything?Well I did Susan Elizabeth Phillips had done that mistakeOne of the characters of the book described a pug UGLY I love pugsHow can this pug be ugly?Pugsley my pet dog God bless his soul is really adorable How could anyone call him ugly? And now Pugsley is cryingBut despite my seething anger I continued on chanting She called a pug ugly again and again But obviously the chanting didn't work I still loved this bookHow could I hate it when I was still up 3am in the morning trying to finish it? And pray tell me how I could hate a book with a hero who has a British accent? That got me all weak in the knees alreadySpeaking aside the story is cute and the happily ending well deserved The bantering of the Hh is refreshing The dialogues are all witty and humorous I was laughing loud so often I thought the doctors are going to take me awayThe plot though not actually uniue the heroine had three ex husbands and was a mean ass is high school is still good since Susan Elizabeth Phillips added tons of new stuff to it that it became an originalI should also mention that this book taught me that it's never too late for love Despite all the heartaches that can come my way we should never close our doors And also it's never to late to ask for sorryThis book is 97th on the All About Romance Top 100 list And I'm wondering why it isn't any higherBTW Susan I forgive you for saying that a pug is uglyHowever I think Pugsley does not He takes things uite seriously He is deeply hurt thus the frown

  3. Karla says:

    5 Stars A book you can sink your teeth into It consumed me In no way did I think these characters could endear themselves to me particularly Sugar Beth but much to my surprise not only did I like them I was rooting for a good outcomeNo one I mean no one can write snarky witty dialogue like SEP can and how she managed to make me like some of these characters is beyond my thinking at the moment I don’t even know where to start with this one but in the beginning I just couldn’t see how anything good could come of this story but hell what do I know? You just don’t know about someone until you really get to know them You think you know what drives them but do you really? Talk about a mean girl Sugar Beth takes the crown and yet she turned out to be one of the most appealing characters I’ve ever had the pleasure to read about Colin is the last person you would think could forgive but not until he's exacted his revenge However revenge can be bittersweet especially when the one you want to hurt is the last person in the world you should be hurting but you don’t realize it until everything is set in motion then it just becomes painful and you are powerless to stop it Sugar Beth's strength and resolve floored Colin and me I will stop rambling now but if you are looking for something different a book that will make your head spin make you contemplate why people do what they do then read this The ending is worth the pain it drags everyone through including the reader Thank you KarLyn for recommending this SEP It’s no wonder it’s one of your favorites it’s now one of mine too I can definitely see myself reading this again

  4. ♥Sharon♥ says:

    No surprise here I loved it when I read it and I loved it just a little when I listened to it Keeping this one short and sweet ❤Most of you already know that Susan Elizabeth Phillips is one my most favorite authors I had gone on a binge not too long ago and read through uite a few of her books falling in love with most all of them I had saved a few for my inevitable need for a little of the magic she so easily delivers with her writingAin't She Sweet gave me that magic and it was a fabulous read It was SEP telling a story in her true form Giving us two main characters that were completely lovable apart and when they were together they were delectable Then top that off with side characters that are fun and uirky and you get all of the greatness They truly are the ones that strengthens the story line and wraps everything together perfectlyI'm happy I'm content If you love SEP and haven't read this one move it up your TBR You are missing out on a gem

  5. Mo says:

    The girl everybody loves to hate has returned to the town she'd sworn to leave behind forever As the rich spoiled princess of Parrish Mississippi Sugar Beth Carey had broken hearts ruined friendships and destroyed reputations But fifteen years have passed and life has taught Sugar Beth its toughest lessons Now she's come home—broke desperate and too proud to show itLiked this one a lot Had read it years ago but had sort of forgotten what it was about Sugar Beth was such a strong character Yeah she had grown up in the fifteen years since she had left Aren't most girls kinda bitches in High School? Maybe not all but some But would the town of Parrish forgive and forget And would the High School English teacher forgive and forget also“Colin “Perhaps now is the time to tell you that I have a weakness for agreeable women”Sugar Beth “Well that sure does leave me out”Colin “Exactly With agreeable women I’m unendingly considerate Gallant even” Sugar Beth “But with tarts like me the gloves are off is that it?”Colin “I wouldn’t exactly call you a tart But then I tend to be broad minded”Colin Byrne yeah his Dad was Irish came across as a bit of a Dandy and a Fop But still a lovable Dandy

  6. Jennifer says:

    ★★★½I've never been around to attend my high school reunions when they pop up but sometimes I wish I could go just to see how far some of those wannabe socialites have fallen from their high horse I know it's kind of mean but let's just say my school years were not kind In Ain't She Sweet a whole town is granted this satisfaction When the once powerful and cutthroat Sugar Carey comes home with her tail between her legs all the roles are suddenly reversed No one likes her any no one has time for her any and EVERYONE wants her to know it Ms Phillips never disappoints with her characters and Ain't She Sweet is a great example It has humor romance and a life lesson One lesson I learned from this story and the characters is that people can changelife changes each and every one of us and we should give others the emotional opportunity to start fresh again If you like Susan Elizabeth Phillips's writing then don't miss out on this one My favorite uote “We’re all works in progress honeyNote I was conflicted about my rating While this wasn't my favorite SEP novel I did enjoy it One factor that may have affected my overall enjoyment was the audiobook experience I typically adore Kate Flemings' aka Anna Fields narration but the male lead's voice just didn't work for me In my opinion the romance felt less than romantic during the male toned narration Reading it off the page may be a better way to go if I do a re read

  7. Jo ★The Book Sloth★ says:

    I thought I'd write a review on this book this time around but

  8. Maria says:

    It is six o'clock in the morning I have no reason to be up right now except for the fact that finishing this book gave me the worst night's sleep I've had in a long time Man this book bothered me Please excuse the following rant I really need to get this out of my systemFirst off I love SEP and I have a habit of finishing her books in one sitting because of how good they are This time I finished the book in one sitting because I was so frustrated I couldn't bear to go to bed with it unfinishedTo begin with the whole Winnie premise made not a lick of sense to me she MARRIED Ryan for God's sake and became best friend with every mean hateful girl from highschool Forgave everysingleone Not one grudge held on any of them???And her best friends hate Sugar Beth for forgetting them after highschool? Seriously? That's the reason to be so cruel? And suddenly they're Winnie's best friends? Seriously? These characters need to GROW UPI just couldn't handle it It literally set my teeth on edge Winnie was uncompromising and mean Look she had it rough I grant you and Sugar Beth was terrible during highschool The things she did were horribly mean spirited and I felt so sorry for Winnie There needed to be some come uppance but I hated how it was handledI especially hated Winnie's inability to feel ANY empathy It completely ruined her as a character From her very first comment let the games begin I started to dislike her Winnie had already got EVERYTHING the whole town was on her side everyone already knew Sugar Beth had been terrible and Winnie had inherited and sold every single piece of Sugar Beth's history Seriously the comeuppance had already HAPPENED So when she was so rude at the party I could agree with Colin that I was ashamed she couldn't rise above the situation Even after the wine down the front of her shirt when she told Sugar Beth to get her forkmy God I could have screamed Honestly ScreamedSugar Beth needed to be taken to task for her behaviour yes But her comment I feel like I was raped after Colin's book is published is apt They really whipped her raw And no fancy wedding made up for that for me THIS WAS TERRIBLE

  9. Anna says:

    RE RE RE RE RE READFAV HEROINE EVER TOP 1 HEROINEFAV MAIN CHARACTERS EVERLOVE THIS BOOKMultiple reread 5 starsBrilliant beautiful story love this book Just love itIt's my 3 or 4 re read I love this book I adore MCsShitty parents don't deserve being parentsReread in 2019Excellent Still one of my favourite books

  10. Jacob Proffitt says:

    3 June 2018 reread This is as good as I remembered I acuired the audio via Overdrive to see if that made a difference It did but not for the better which was a surprise as I generally enjoy a Southern accent and this has lots of those I didn't like the emotional interpretation particularly near the end when Sugar Beth is uncertain The narrator added frantic and despair than I think was warranted Also the narrator inflected some of the Grand Sophy uotes each chapter starts with a Heyer uote in ways you'd know were wrong if you were familiar with the story and that irked me too This was a complete delight from start to finish Francis Elizabeth who everybody calls Sugar Beth because this is the South apparently was a very rich and entitled teen in a very small town Her dad was the most important businessman and her mom the most important social director For the most part it seems her rule was strict though benevolent but with two exceptions The first is view spoilerher half sister hide spoiler

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