The Detective Games: #3

      The Detective Games: #3
The conclusion to the first trilogy of The Detective Games. Read The Detective Games: #3 By Zechariah Barrett –

In the heart of the midwest, we re surrounded by cornfields, soybean crops, and wheat galore The prairie is tranquil Dreamlike.Yet I ve always had a great desire to travel the world The prairie is home, and much of the world can seem so alien in comparison Being far from the ocean, I was awestruck the first time I took a plane overseas and when I walked along the shores of the Emerald Isles It was so beautiful and refreshing I ve wanted to seeI ve wanted to see as much of the world as I can.This desire to travel has often been coupled with two of my other greatest desires to write and to be part of something greater than myself I love to write, because even when I can t travel, a world can be created with just a pen and some paper The concept of the Detective Games series, for example, was something that really excited me, because of how diverse it could be I envisioned detectives all across the globe, traversing exotic locales, and with thrilling cases to be solved.With the desire to be a part of something greater than myself, I m driven to make a difference in the world through writing, charity, and through the day to day of life As my writing career expands, I ll be taking an active role in charitable causes and investing in those things which make way for a better tomorrow.It s a privilege to have this community of readers Thank you.

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      The Detective Games: #3
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  • The Detective Games: #3
  • Zechariah Barrett
  • 12 June 2017

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