The Treasure of the City of Ladies

The Treasure of the City of Ladies✪ [PDF] ✐ The Treasure of the City of Ladies By Christine de Pizan ✷ – Written by Europe’s first professional woman writer The Treasure of the City of Ladies offers advice and guidance to women of all ages and from all levels of medieval society from royal courtiers to Written by Europe’s first professional woman writer of the ePUB ↠ The Treasure of the City of Ladies offers advice and guidance to women of all ages and from The Treasure MOBI :Ä all levels of medieval society from royal courtiers to prostitutes It paints an intricate picture of daily life in the courts and streets of fifteenth century Treasure of the MOBI ô France and gives a fascinating glimpse into the practical considerations of running a household dressing appropriately and maintaining a reputation in all circumstances Christine de Pizan’s Treasure of the City of Epub / book provides a valuable counterbalance to male accounts of life in the middle ages and demonstrates often with dry humour how a woman’s position in society could be made less precarious by following the correct etiuette.

Christine de Pizan also seen as de of the ePUB ↠ Pisan –c was a writer and analyst of the medieval era who strongly challenged misogyny and stereotypes that The Treasure MOBI :Ä were prevalent in the male dominated realm of the arts De Pizan completed forty one pieces during her thirty year career – She earned her accolade Treasure of the MOBI ô as Europe’s first professional woman writer Redfern Her success stems from a wi.

The Treasure of the City of Ladies eBook ó Treasure
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  • 198 pages
  • The Treasure of the City of Ladies
  • Christine de Pizan
  • English
  • 01 September 2016
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10 thoughts on “The Treasure of the City of Ladies

  1. Jan-Maat says:

    IntroductionChristine De Pisan's Treasure of the City of Ladies is a lively compendium of advice on how to live for medieval women of all social classes arranged by social order from the highest to lowestThe conceit of the work is that the three Ladies of Virtue Reason Rectitude and Justice descend and dictate the work to de Pisan before disappearing leaving her almost exhausted from writing so long but very happy looking at the beautiful work of their worthy lessons p180It is divided into three uneual parts the first of advice to 'princesses' or women of the highest social statuses the second advises women in service to the princesses and the wives of barons the distinction here between the first two groups is that de Pisan expects these women will be left to head their households while their husbands are away in service to the magnates and kings In the third part there is advice to women of the remaining levels of society from the wives of merchants tradesmen and craftsmen down through servants prostitutes here the advice in brief is to give up this trade in favour of becoming a laundress or a child minder instead to peasant women and women living in povertyHolding Up A Mirror to SocietyNaturally the fun of this book is that de Pisan is condemning and advising women against either carrying out or turning a blind eye towards the kinds of things they actually were doing For example pocketing the difference between what you paid for produce in the market and what you tell your mistress that it actually had cost building your house out of wood taken from other people's forests stealing other peoples fruit having a good long sleep under a tree when you are being paid to work telling your master that his sheep died and showing him false hides when you have actually stolen or eaten them yourself see in particular pp176 177 As such the treatise is indirectly a catalogue of medieval French sharp practisesWhile much of the advice is about how to behave appropriately at court so as not to give rise to rumour or tittle tattle not to slander people yourself and how to protect your mistress from behaving badly de Pisan also advises women to have a firm command of the reuirements of their husbands roles in life to a surprising extent For instance de Pisan expects that the wife of baron should be able to conduct and lead offensive or defensive military undertakings while her husband is away presumably fighting the Hundred Years War in another part of the kingdom of France De Pisan has no doubt or at least entertains no doubt that wives can and need to be able to do whatever their husbands are called upon to do in their stations in life Holding Up A Mirror to the Social Position of Men and WomenI hesitate to say that Christine is sly or even that her writing has a subtext when her style is vigorous and direct as this might be taken to suggest that she is somehow being underhand but the clear implication of her writing is that although in her society men were in charge this was not in her opinion on account of any innate or acuired superiority uite on the contrary the social position of women means that women's lives are clearly in her opinion a form of the imitation of Christ Women will be unjustly persecuted and will needlessly suffer because men spread slanders about their behaviour a serious business since at the time adultery could be punished by being burnt alive men are rash which is a risk in business and politics and husbands can be churlish ignorant extremely perverse rude and unloving as well as warlike greedy and grasping De Pisan would approve of the Griselda story in The Decameron not because she approved of the persecution of women but because she felt that restraint in the face of injustice was the correct course of actionHere de Pisan is consciously writing a polemic This book is the seuel to The book of the City of Ladies which was written as a counterpoint to StAugustine's The City of God in order to assert the place and value of women in societyThe implication of what de Pisan says is that women are the moderating restraining and reconsidering principle both constitutionally and socially As such when the Duke levies unjust taxes the people make representations to his wife or when the craftsman wants to sign up to an over ambitious deal it is the wife who stops him In this de Pisan plays within a very traditional view of men and women yet it seems to me comes up with a striking conclusion it is the proper duty of the wise ueen and princess to be the means of peace and concord to work for the avoidance of war because of the trouble that can come of it Ladies in particular ought to attend to this business for men are by nature courageous and hot headed and the great desire they have to avenge themselves prevents their considering either the perils or the evils that can result from war But women are by nature timid and also of a sweeter disposition and for this reason if they are wise and if they wish to they can be the best means of pacifying menhow many great blessings in the world have often been caused by ueens and princesses making peace between enemies between princes and barons and between the rebellious people and their lords p51 Perhaps this is sly on de Pisan's part because of a sudden courage is bad while timidity has become a social virtue view spoiler again perhaps de Pisan is sly because I don't think that anyone would have thought of Blanche of Castile as timid Blanche is praised here for her role as a peacemaker between the young Louis IX and his barons Since Joinville in his life of Louis IX skates over that it would be interesting to see if de Pisan's generally has a different perspective on the role of women in history hide spoiler

  2. Emma Getz says:

    Men are trash

  3. Christine says:

    This is the seuel or companion piece to Pisan’s City of Ladies This book is about how ladies of various social levels should comport themselves even when their husbands are being jerks It is a strange combination of feminist work and endorsement of the stereotype Pisan does get in some nice zingers about men not only about how they should also follow this advice but about why they are warlike than women In many ways it is an anti Prince

  4. Abby says:

    How to Win Friends and Influence People For Medieval Ladies Christine de Pisan wants princesses to be virtuous chaste and pious but also to realize their power and influence ie how to get men to do things for you Was it one of the first feminist texts? Who can say But it is interesting even if I find her theology way off base I like it because it reminds me Hey women have always known they were people too If we just let women write we’d hear of this opinion

  5. Kelsey Bryant says:

    This book fascinated me I mean it was published in 1405 and is a rare glimpse into the mind of a talented wise intelligent medieval woman writing a guide to life for women of all ages and classes though particularly royalty and nobility As an invaluable historical resource it shows the accepted beliefs and attitudes of that period in France I was surprised at how much predominance Christine gave to how her readers should live out their love and devotion for God and demonstrate kindness to those around them especially the poor She urges the royal and the rich not to be proud and rely on their earthly position but to remember that living for God is what mattersAlthough of course it's mainly a wonderful primary source about life in 13 1400s France I gleaned a few good lessons from it as well Here are a couple of striking uotes Which is worth to you to live in this world for a little while at your ease and be damned perpetually but not really at your ease because the you involve yourself in the delights of the world and the you remember various desires which will torment your heart because you cannot fulfil them and gain your wishes the your heart will never be content or to refrain from your extravagant pleasures and live in the love and fear of Our Lord and be saved in the Kingdom without end?Besides this virtue of humility the noble lady will wish to be so patient that although the world delivers a good deal of adversity to great lords and ladies as well as to humble persons she will not be impatient regardless of what comes to her She will take all adversity willingly for the love of Our Lord and will give thanks to Him for it with a good heart

  6. Sarah says:

    I really wanted to read this book but I couldn't seem to get into it Today I realized the reason is that the type is so small my eyes are struggling to really read it So I hope to pick up this book in the future but with larger print

  7. Anna Groover says:

    Feminist treatise from the fifteenth century pretty cool to read

  8. Bea says:

    I can appreciate that Pizan was a rare figure a woman writing in an era when there were so few female writers or even literate women but as a modern reader I found myself rolling my eyes at a lot of her ideas especially the chapter on prostitutes here she really reveals her privilege and her obliviousness to the way the world worked outside of the court

  9. ERIN SCHMIDT says:

    I read about half but I didn't finish it It would have been brilliant advice in the Middle Ages and some of it is certainly relevant today It's just a bit too pious for my contemporary reading tastes But if some savvy business woman were to extract the best bits of advice and turn them into a modern business book I would read that

  10. Dream says:

    Considering this is written in 1405 Miss Christine can be uite savvy and forward thinking She often advocates tactics that today can be attributed to modern spin and public relations This is an advice book for women from the first European professional female writer It's an revealing window into the world of mostly upper class women in this time period and things are not cut and dry One of the strategies most advocated involves striking a happy medium Some of the advice though not intended in this way is simply precious One of my favorites A lady should not use pilgrimages as an excuse to get away from the town in order to go somewhere to play about or kick up her heels in some merry company Nor should she go gadding around the town with young women This and other admonitions like it are balanced again strategies that suggest power and wiggle room than one would think It's an informative look at Medieval upper and lower class as well as gender relations and not always what I expected She includes advice on how to handle military tactics when it is okay to lie to your husband how to keep from being swindled and how to deal with a morally loose woman especially when that woman is your lady employer At times it is surprisingly contemporary That the author had the conviction and authority to write it is a form of agency in itself

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