Biomass Rewind

      Biomass Rewind
For fans of Ben Bova, Robert Silverberg, and Greg Bear, BIOMASS REWIND follows a group of made humans manufactured and trained by a sapient ship to colonize a new Earth like planet Once on the surface, the squad must evade gruesome death at the claws, leaves and wings of the hostile native wildlife if they don t end up killing each other first But when they find evidence that they aren t the first humans to walk the planet, their mission becomes suspect If this is not their first visit to Beauty , then what is their ship s motive, and how could they survive what other versions of themselves could not Asking the big questions plaguing our society today and always, BIOMASS REWIND is a thrilling deep space ride that stays with you long after you ve finished reading. Best Read [ Biomass Rewind ] By [ Terry Persun ] –

Excited to announce that I just won the Book Excellence Award in the science fiction category for my latest novel BIOMASS Rewind Terry Persun received his MA in Creative Writing from SUNY Stony Brook He has published 22 novels, four poetry collections, and three non fiction books His novel, Wolfs Rite, was nominated as the fiction book of the year by ForeWord magazine The novel also won the POW Book of the Year Award and a Star of Washington Award His novel, Giver of Gifts, was a finalist in the USA Book News Best Books of the year Terry s novel Cathedral of Dreams was a finalist in the ForeWord magazine Book of the Year Awards, and Sweet Song won a Silver IPPY Award His novels Hear No Evil and Ten Months in Wonderland were finalists in the International Book Awards Terry is also a Pushcart nominee.

      Biomass Rewind
  • ebook
  • Biomass Rewind
  • Terry Persun
  • 19 September 2017

10 thoughts on “ Biomass Rewind

  1. Andrew Stoute says:

    Great scifiThis is one of those rare books that sticks with you when you re not reading it I found myself thinking not just about the story, but the broader questions the characters confront, and often asking ...

  2. Mr Anthony Bowen says:

    Excellent book Original plot with plenty of twists and turns Well worth the effort.

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