Step About

      Step About
Dance, dance, dance It s a word Ceili Ryan can t escape, not with a little sister who s an Irish dance champion Some days it seems like it s the only word that exists in her house She usually doesn t mind being overshadowed by her talented little sister, but sometimes Dance is also a word Connor Quinn s family uses every day at home, but never, ever outside it He s a top dancer, sure, but it would be the worst thing in the world if anyone at school discovered his secret especially Ceili, the girl he s liked since the day they met.Of course, secrets usually get out, and usually at the worst of times. Download Step About by Natalia Heaney –

Coming from a family that includes elite ballet dancers, state champion gymnasts, a nationally ranked Irish dancer, and a national champion martial artist, Natalia Heaney knows a thing or two about growing up in exceptional circumstances After hanging up her pointe shoes she completed a university degree in professional writing and English literature, but always kept her love of the theatre.Natalia has lived and worked around the world, but calls Australia home.

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      Step About
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  • 19 December 2017

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