The Walk to "I Do"

      The Walk to "I Do"
I ve heard it said many times that a drowning person or any person facing imminent death relives the memories of their entire life in those last few seconds before entering eternity.Well I don t know if that s true, because I ve never been on the verge of passing through this life to the next.But, what I do know is that in the three minutes and twenty seven seconds it took me to pass through the thrown open double barn doors and walk to the welcoming presence of my momentarily to be husband, I re lived the last nineteen months we d known each other.What were the stand out memories and would they make me question my decision to commit my life to him, or confirm the desire to shout before the world, I Do New Download [ The Walk to "I Do" ] by [ Sheila Holmes ] For Kindle ePUB or eBook –

I just love to read and write They are two of the greatest blessings I ve been given And, since I love writing so much, I believe I have been given an incredible opportunity to share Christ with readers through the writing of contemporary romance fiction.Formerly a high school teacher, I retired myself so that I can focus on writing fulltime.My hope is that I ll have many years of writing inspirational fiction ahead, and that my readers will feel uplifted by my stories.

      The Walk to "I Do"
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  • The Walk to "I Do"
  • Sheila Holmes
  • 24 June 2019

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