Operation Curare

      Operation Curare
The FBI is on to Alice Shaw, agent of FemForce They follow her They bug her phone and flat It s only a matter of time before they snatch her up Unless she can turn the tables Unless she can make them watch her perfect body a little too closely Unless she can make them listen a little too well to her soft, feminine voice.Unless she can steal their hammering little hearts One by one. Free Read [ Operation Curare ] by [ August Renfelt ] For Kindle ePUB or eBook – heartforum.co.uk

I am an author of pulp femdom erotica and I have some eleven e book short stories up onKindle, Smashwords and the like By femdom I do not necessarily mean leather clad dominatrix spanks guys who wants to be spanked Instead the females of my stories are predators out to get the men, be they hapless victims or deserving villains By pulp I mean that given a choice between writing about inner conflict or wild sex on a zeppelin adrift over a frozen tundra, I will choose the latter I am not adverse to realism and to ground my stories in something recognizable But I only do so to set the stage, set the mood or make my characters identifiable to the reader I write escapist fiction realism is not a goal in it self for me.By erotica I mean stories that revolve around sex There has to be a plot There has to be sex Actually the femdom genre makes the marriage of plot and sex real easy femme fatales, gold diggers, hypnotic succubi and alien love parasites are all go getters ready to get what they want by reducing various males to mush And thank god for that.August Renfelt

      Operation Curare
 By August Renfelt IBN :  Format : ebook – heartforum.co.uk
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  • 15 June 2018

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