The Emerald Gate

      The Emerald Gate
The Emerald Gate is the fifth book in the epic fantasy series, The Orb.General Nidon, Lord Commander of the Army of Salador, leads his knights on a campaign to rid the East Teren of the remnants of Cragor s shattered army Soon, the Saladorans will assault Rigaria itself and by defeating them bring a lasting peace When news arrives that Ayja has disappeared and a Summoner army threatens to conquer Belen, Nidon turns his attention south He will fight his way across the world to save both an empire and a daughter he loves than life.Trapped in the world of Dromost, a world where one either consumes or is consumed, Ayja is caught in a never ending battle to survive Even bearing the Shield of Forsvar and the Hammer of Dromost, she isn t safe The very items that make her a Power make her a target.When a demon offers her a bargain, she must weigh the terrible price he demands How big a risk does she take how many lives does she put in peril for the sake of her own freedom New Download [ The Emerald Gate ] by [ Matt Heppe ] For Kindle ePUB or eBook –

Matt Heppe lives in suburban Philadelphia with his wife and daughter He teaches economics and military history, and in his free time makes traditional longbows He is a United States Army veteran, having served in Germany and the Middle East as a UH 60 pilot He is currently writing the sequel to Child of the Knight.

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      The Emerald Gate
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  • The Emerald Gate
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