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The Last Book Party A Propulsive Tale Of Ambition And Romance, Set In The Publishing World Of 1980 S New York And The Timeless Beaches Of Cape Cod.In The Summer Of 1987, 25 Year Old Eve Rosen Is An Aspiring Writer Languishing In A Low Level Assistant Job, Unable To Shake The Shadow Of Growing Up With Her Brilliant Brother With Her Professional Ambitions Floundering, Eve Jumps At The Chance To Attend An Early Summer Gathering At The Cape Cod Home Of Famed New Yorker Writer Henry Grey And His Poet Wife, Tillie Dazzled By The Guests And Her Burgeoning Crush On The Hosts Artistic Son, Eve Lands A New Job As Henry Grey S Research Assistant And An Invitation To Henry And Tillie S Exclusive And Famed Book Party Where Attendees Dress As Literary Characters But By The Night Of The Party, Eve Discovers Uncomfortable Truths About Her Summer Entanglements And Understands That The Literary World She So Desperately Wanted To Be A Part Of Is Not At All What It Seems.A Page Turning, Coming Of Age Story, Written With A Lyrical Sense Of Place And A Profound Appreciation For The Sustaining Power Of Books, The Last Book Party Shows What Happens When Youth And Experience Collide And What It Takes To Find Your Own Voice.

Karen Dukess has a work history as eclectic as her taste in books She has been a tour guide in the former Soviet Union, a newspaper reporter in Florida, a magazine publisher in Russia and, for nearly a decade, a speechwriter on gender equality for the United Nations Development Programme She has blogged on parenting for The Huffington Post and written book reviews for USA Today THE LAST BOOK PA

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  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • The Last Book Party
  • Karen Dukess
  • English
  • 22 July 2018
  • 9781250225474

10 thoughts on “The Last Book Party

  1. marilyn says:

    This was a very light and easy read for me and so nice to enjoy a book like this between so many thrillers and heavy dramas Twenty five year old Eve Rosen wants to be a writer but lacks confidence, inspiration, and the hard work that can be necessary to write a book She does work in a publishing house as an assistant, hoping everything about writing will rub off on her but actually is getting nowhere with her writing When she misses out on a promotion that should have gone to her, she quits her job and takes a summer job as an assistant to famed New Yorker writer Henry Grey Eve has already been than just attracted to Henry s son Franny and then once she starts working for Henry, she becomes very attached to him, too There is also Jeremy, a very promising author being published by her old publishing company and someone who her mom seems to think has real talent, as opposed to thinking of Eve s writing as her just dabbling in a hobby As the summer comes to a close, these three men and others from her summer town, come together for a big book party Deceits are revealed and truths are exposed, changing how Eve sees those around her and how she feels about herself Thank you to Henry Holt Company and NetGalley for this ARC.

  2. Dorie - Traveling Sister :) says:

    As I was reading this book I continually had the feeling that I ve read this before, heard this before I think this would be a good beach read but there is nothing really fresh or new here I don t even think I would call it a coming of age book because the young woman is out of college and has been working for a while, aged 24 or 25.The novel is about Eve who has been working as an editorial assistant at the New Yorker Magazine She has aspirations of becoming a published writer but doesn t have the self confidence to really put her work out there She becomes increasingly bored with the work and when given a chance at being a summer intern working with Henry Grey as his research assistant, a well known, well regarded author , she decides it would be a good change and a learning experience She learns things alright, but not necessarily that much about the publishing industry She lives with her parents who have a home on Cape Cod but spends a lot of her time at the Grey house She is extremely infatuated first with Grey s son Fanny and then with Henry For book lovers like me there are many, many references to different books and their characters and this was a fun part of the book There were some other interesting characters, I particularly liked Jeremy, whose character changes the most over the course of the book, or at least we understand him better and the choices that he has made However even the new book that he is writing about a leper colony and a man and woman who are in love sounded a lot like a book I have read and loved, Molokai but in a different setting.Since the book is entitled The Last Book Party I was willing to keep reading through the quite predictable book to get to that last, hopefully incredible ending Well there were secrets revealed most of which were actually pretty obvious and some flashes of what could have been a better ending, but all in all, it was not really very exciting I m not quite sure why it was titled The Last Book Party unless it is referring to the couple who host the party If you want something light to read this is the book for you The setting on Cape Cod is wonderfully described and gorgeous and the characters are likable enough I received an ARC of this novel from the publisher through NetGalley.This was a Traveling Sisters read.This novel is due to publish on July 9, 2019

  3. Carol (Bookaria) says:

    Absolutely mesmerizing and engaging I loved every page of this novel.This book made me yearn for a place I ve never been to, and a time in the publishing industry I did not live I was alive at the time, just not there, you know what I mean It s emotional and easy to read, the pages flew by I did not care as much about the plot as I did about the characters Think late 1980s, New York, Cape Cod, summer, publishing, books, and growing up Romance maybe but this is much than that.Absolutely loved it and highly recommend it Received ARC from the publisher via Netgalley

  4. Jamie Brenner says:

    As a serious book lover with endless nostalgia for the 1980s, I completely lost myself in this beautiful book It s a joy

  5. Michelle says:

    3 stars to this great summer read The Last Book Party is the perfect summer read It doesn t take itself too seriously, yet there is enough substance to keep the pages turning It s characterized as coming of age , which I am unsure about, but it definitely deals with a young, twenty something woman who works in the publishing industry, trying to find a direction It s debatable if she ultimately reaches one, but I think that s open to interpretation.Book lovers will really appreciate the behind the scenes look of the publishing industry and all the bookish references I think another positive aspect is that this book took place in the late 80 s, but it really could be relatable to any time period Yes, there is an absence of social media and cell phones, but that can be easily overlooked If you re looking for a lot of action or something big to happen, this isn t the story for you, but for the length this clocks in at a little over 200 pages, it s paced perfectly and keeps your interest just fine If you just read a very heavy book and you feel stuck in a book coma, I would highly suggest picking this up The writing is good and overall, this is a great debut Thank you to Netgalley, Henry Holt Co., and Karen Dukess for the opportunity to read and provide an honest review of this book Review Date 6 29 19Publication Date 7 9 19

  6. Nicole (Read Eat Sleep Repeat) says:

    4.5, rounding up The Last Book Party is a charming coming of age story that feels both timeless and nostalgic Everyone seemed so confident It was like they were preparing to become the voices of their generation and I was struggling to clear my throat Told through Eve s perspective, the reader is drawn in as she attends the party of an acclaimed writer and introduced to a new world she wasn t previously privy to Eve is in her mid twenties, working a job she doesn t particularly love, and aspiring to be a writer but never actually writing any As she struggles to figure out her identity and path in life, becoming accepted in this new world gives her a sense of purpose that she hasn t felt in a while While I didn t necessarily agree with all the choices she made, I could certainly understand her reasons for said choices and found her to be an overall empathetic and relatable character.Set in the publishing world of the 1980 s between New York City and Cape Cod, The Last Book Party has a solid sense of place Plenty of references from the time period are tossed casually throughout, from mentions of a Walkman to a Rolodex and popular music, that reminded me of my own childhood and added authenticity to the story At the same time, the writing style is current and flows effortlessly, making it feel lighthearted even through some of the issues that Eve goes through along her journey I didn t read this at a fast pace with an urgent need to know what happens next, but it did hold my attention completely and stayed in my mind even when I had to put it down You need to stop the magical thinking You have to just push through, even when it s not easy Overall, I m thoroughly impressed with The Last Book Party Dukess clearly has writing chops this may have been her debut novel but it certainly didn t read like one I can see this becoming one of the hot beach reads this year Fans of books about books and coming of age stories are sure to enjoy this Thanks to the publisher for providing an arc of this edition via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

  7. DeAnn says:

    4 summer reading starsFor me, this was a perfect summer read, a refreshing break from thrillers and historical fiction Much is set on Cape Cod, a favorite summer location for me and the author does a great job of putting us in the setting We meet Eve in the late 1980s as she s toiling away as an assistant in a publishing house in New York This was a fascinating look at life working in publishing, another dream of mine Eve is an aspiring writer but can t quite bring herself to write anything Eve s older brother is considered the genius of the family and this doesn t help her self confidence.She ends up meeting a glamorous Cape Cod literary family and decides to work for the author for the summer There s some summer love and betrayal in the story and Eve gets entangled in some complicated issues Per the title, the Book Party hosted by the artistic family each summer is the big culmination of the storyline.I did enjoy how Eve did a lot of growing in the late part of the book and I enjoyed another character, Jeremy, a young author, as well This is my first read from this author and I will definitely read from Karen Dukess.Thank you to the author, Henry Holt Co., and NetGalley for an early copy of the book to read.

  8. Judy says:

    The Last Book Party is a fun, light read which I totally enjoyed and would recommend for a beach read Eve is working as an assistant in a publishing house and has dreams of becoming a writer, but she hasn t been writing anything for awhile When passed over for a promotion the thought she deserved she quits her job and moves back to Cape Code and takes a summer job working for an established author, Henry Grey, as his assistant Eve makes some bad choices over the summer during her interactions with the Grey family At the end of the summer there is a costume book party every year where everyone gathers at the Grey beach house to mark the end of summer Secrets unravel and some lives are forever changed.Totally recommend this enjoyable read Karen Dukes definitely has a talent for writing entrancing prose Thanks to Karen Dukes and Henry Holt Company through Netgalley for an advance copy.

  9. Literary Soirée says:

    I absolutely adore this book That cover of course, and the luscious writing, the engaging coming of age story of Eve, a publishing house assistant in the literary garden of 1987 CASHMERE THROWEnveloped me like a cashmere throw, as I lost hours in the tale of this charming twentysomething s transition to assistant to a renown Cape Cod writer The beach, the books, the blow out party thrown by the author and his wife, both artistic luminaries in a storied world LITERARY LOVEMade me long for youth, a simpler time, a crazed creative tribe despite Eve s complicated relationships and sobering truths learned My TBR pile now groans with the many titles mentioned, as the author woos us with her literary love 5 of 5 Glittering Stars TO RUSSIA WITH LOVEDukess backstory compels as well Tour guide in the former Soviet Union, magazine publisher in Russia, UN speechwriter on gender equality, degree in Russian Studies from Brown and a Master s in Journalism from Columbia Whew Pub Date 09 Jul 2019.Thanks to Karen Dukess, Henry Holt Company and NetGalley for the review copy Opinions are mine TheLastBookParty NetGalley

  10. Kate ☀️ Olson says:

    free review copy 4.5 stars Bookish, nostalgic, fabulous timeless narrator and setting Highly recommended for anyone who loves to read about writing and the publishing industry, and for anyone who adores books set in beach towns as much as I do.

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