The Chain

The ChainYou Just Dropped Off Your Child At The Bus Stop A Panicked Stranger Calls Your Phone Your Child Has Been Kidnapped, And The Stranger Explains That Their Child Has Also Been Kidnapped, By A Completely Different Stranger The Only Way To Get Your Child Back Is To Kidnap Another Child Within 24 Hours Your Child Will Be Released Only When The Next Victim S Parents Kidnap Yet Another Child, And Most Importantly, The Stranger Explains, If You Don T Kidnap A Child, Or If The Next Parents Don T Kidnap A Child, Your Child Will Be Murdered You Are Now Part Of The Chain.

Adrian McKinty is an Irish novelist He was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and grew up in Victoria Council Estate, Carrickfergus, County Antrim He read law at the University of Warwick and politics and philosophy at the University of Oxford He moved to the United States in the early 1990s, living first in Harlem, New York and from 2001 on, in Denver, Colorado, where he taught high school Eng

Free ↠ The Chain By Adrian McKinty –
  • Hardcover
  • 357 pages
  • The Chain
  • Adrian McKinty
  • English
  • 04 May 2017
  • 9780316531269

10 thoughts on “The Chain

  1. Paromjit says:

    Adrian McKinty has never written a book I have not loved, and this intense, dark psychological thriller is just brilliant with its killer and diabolical premise of the chain 35 year old Rachel Klein is a divorced single mother, with 13 year old daughter, Kylie, living on Plum Island, Massachusetts She has survived the devastating trauma and treatment of breast cancer, and horror of horrors, it now appears to have returned You think this is hitting rock bottom and surely Rachel has experienced all the bad luck possible But something far worse is to hit her and Kylie Kylie has been abducted from the bus stop, and Rachel gets a call from a stranger telling her she is now part of the chain, a chain that she will never be free of, where the consequences of breaking the chain are too dreadful to contemplate Not only does it have Rachel desperately scrabbling around to find the ransom money, she finds herself in a predicament that has her becoming acquainted with a side of herself that is nothing less than monstrous, can she survive what she has to do and what it will turn her into This is what the chain does to a family, and Kylie too is tainted by it, with the two of them forced to dwell in a hell that brings with it the consequent never ending mental health issues, for they can never speak of what is happening to them, under a surveillance they can never escape Rachel is helped by her brother in law, 40 year old Pete, an ex marine engineering officer, currently unemployed and an opiate addict Faced with the wreckage that comprises her family, Rachel dreams of breaking and destroying the chain.McKinty writes a riveting story with some great characterisation that captures the pressures faced by Rachel and Kylie, the unravelling of their lives and the difficulties of surviving what happens to them Rachel once again has to undergo the debilitating cancer treatment, but none of this puts her off her inner need to ensure no one else ever has to be tortured by being part of the chain again This is a totally engrossing read, it had me fearfully turning the pages, wondering where it would all end A novel that I think most crime fiction and thriller fans will love Highly recommended Many thanks to Orion for an ARC.

  2. Nilufer Ozmekik says:

    Okay, I will start to bidding with five stars, I think I heard five hundred stars Five hundred, five thousand, do I heard five billion, oh that redhead woman raised her hand, SOLD to five billion stars to this precious, mind hunting, terrifying, nerve bending, good night sleep killer book You can guess that I m the red haired woman who emptied all her star funds for this reading And here are my thoughts about this book WOWWWWWWWWWWW WOWWWWWWWW WOWWWW 30 minutes left I m speechless 1 hours left I m still speechless With my shocked expression on my face I look like completely idiot 2 hours left still no word can come out of my mind I think people started to think I m a sculpture, they started taking selfies in front me 5 hours, 3 cups of black coffee later, here we go This book terrified me, gave my legs cramps sitting at the edge of your couch without moving an inch for at least three hours is not appropriate way of exercising , shook me so hard, scarier than watching 24 hours horror movies and the Kardashian show My awards for the book are Best horrifying story They took your child and best way to save her him is kidnapping another family s child, that s the way The Chain works All the regular family members released their inner monsters to hurt an innocent child by losing their moral compass forever Best heroine I loved Rachel I scared for her and sometimes I scared from her A smart, intelligent, intellectual, strong, cancer survivor woman, doing regular daytime jobs to make ends meet for raising her child And BAMMM shit hits the fan She turns into Mad Max s Furiosa meets Kill Bill s Bride And you know what this broken, struggling, but also rough enough to destroy anyone to save her daughter, achieves to fight back with the evil minds of Chain Organization Breakthrough character Jake is real broken, tormented, burned hero, suffering from PTSD and addiction But he was still great partner of crime and supported Rachel and her family no matter what it took This book s women characters are real badass so it s normal to see Jake is overshadowed by Rachel s determination and heroic attempts Best supporting character We are introducing Kylie, smart, emotional, mature daughter, fighting with her night terrors after her kidnapping who was an amazing character.Best villain and villanelle They re one of the most terrifying sociopaths of the book history I wanted to hide under the blanket when I was reading their childhood adventures they re not playing games, they re playing with people s lives SUMMARY This year, I read than chosen wisely 50 thrillers My favorites The night before , Dear Wife , Before She was found I can happily tell that, I found my fourth best book of this year I completely, honestly, highly recommend this one to the all the thriller book lovers.

  3. Kaceey says:

    Whoa This book will have you laser focused from the first paragraphright to the last Victim or abuser Which is actually worse And what if you had to play the role of both Whatever you dodon t break the chain What would you do if your child was taken What lengths would you go to get your child back Could you live with your decisions Brilliant, addictive, unputdownable From start to finish I was also at the mercy of those behind the chain Okthe author Couldn t wait to see how this would play out Definitely one of my favorite thrillers for 2019 I cannot stop thinking about this one Highly recommend for all thriller lovers Toes tapping Can t wait to see what this author comes up with next A buddy read with Susanne Thank you to NetGalley, Mulholland Books and Adrian McKinty for an ARC to read and review.

  4. Peter says:

    CoercionThis book needs a seat belt because it blasts off at some serious speed The opening chapters are shocking and the principle of The Chain is completely unique and deeply unsettling Rachel Klein is a divorced single mother, with a 13 year old daughter, Kylie She has just been appointed to a new job and hopes that her life can take a step forward, especially with her battle against breast cancer being in remission for a year Then the ultimate horror is just about to unfold Two things you must remember, a voice says through some kind of speech distortion machine Number one you are not the first and you will certainly not be the last Number two remember, it s not about the money it s about The Chain The stranger explains that Kylie has been kidnapped and that there will be a call shortly that she must be ready for The second call comes from an anxious woman who explains there are a number of parts and instructions that must be followed exactly or Kylie dies First Rachel must pay twenty five thousand dollars in ransom through a bitcoin exchange on the dark web or Kylie dies For the second part, the woman explains that she has kidnapped Kylie so her son could be released Her instruction is to kidnap someone to replace her daughter on The Chain, or Kylie dies If Rachel breaks the rules her daughter will die and the kidnappers will move to another target or their own son will die What a terrifying concept I was stunned and impressed, shocked and fascinated, and afraid.The heart racing terror looms constantly and the abject fear of failing drives family members forward They must also face the distressing undertaking of carrying this out on another child and family The ever watching Chain will approve the targets because they must believe the families will be totally committed to the task and not break one of the fundamental rules by contacting the police It s all about the chain The diversity of personalities is impressive and the emotional conflict Rachel has between trying to rescue her own child and not wishing to harm another is superbly managed We watch the wonderfully crafted transition from being a victim to a criminal There is no escape from the decision, no easy way out, you will need to accept the consequences.This is such a wicked plot, which is masterfully developed by incorporating the distress, the twists, and the frantic and terrifying steps Rachel must face Not everything goes according to plan and the mistakes and challenges feel real and heighten the anguish Rachel eventually considers not only saving her daughter but how she can make another transition to the punisher, and destroy The Chain We can argue it s about preventing untold suffering for other families, but it s really about revenge, closure and the removal of a threat Adrian McKinty is an author from my home town but this is the first book of his I ve read not going to be the last, I m proud to say What is remarkable about this novel is the pace and content that comes from every nail biting page I would highly recommend this book and I d like to thank Orion Publishing Group and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC copy in return for an honest review.

  5. Katie B says:

    Entertaining and definitely a page turner but probably not a book you want to analyze to death as it does have some problems along the way The pacing was excellent but I did prefer the first half over the second A perfect example of a summer beach read.I ll admit when I first read the synopsis for this one I thought the whole chain idea was intriguing but I was afraid the story could potentially turn into a hot mess Basically the concept is a parent receives word their child is kidnapped In order for that parent to get their child back alive, the parent must go out and successfully kidnap another child This chain has been going on for years and there are certain rules to be followed such as not contacting police Sounds like a crazy idea for a story, but for the most part it s one of those can t wait to see what happens next type reads.I ll give the author credit for keeping things moving as it never felt like the story was being dragged out I did have some issues with the writing in the second half and there were a few times I had to remind myself not to take the book too seriously when I started questioning whether or not something was realistic Overall though this is a book that is meant to entertain even though the plot is pretty disturbing and it definitely held my interest It s also the type of book you want to discuss with other readers so I ll be glad when it is finally published this summer I m dying to hear everyone s thoughts on the book.I won a free advance copy of this book in a giveaway but was under no obligation to post a review All views expressed are my honest opinion.

  6. Susanne Strong says:

    3.5 Stars rounded down A Highly Entertaining Premise that fell a Tad Short on Execution After Rachel drops her teenage daughter Kylie off at the bus stop, she gets a call Kylie has been kidnapped The caller states that their child has been kidnapped as well The only way to get Kylie back is to pay a ransom and kidnap someone else, then the caller s kid will be released and the chain moves forward Once the family of the child that Rachel kidnaps take someone, Kylie will be released and so on It s a vicious circle called The Chain The premise was F A S C I N A T I N G at least to me I mean I liked receiving those chain letters as a kid Not that I ever sent them out That was way too much work let s be serious here Still, I was intrigued by the idea of this and it started off Hella strong Like Wowza The characters of Rachel and her daughter Kylie totally pulled me in the mother who would do anything to get her daughter back and Kylie, who was desperate to get out of the situation she was in Heck, yes I am in But then the story took a bit of a turn in the second half and the story dragged on and sadly, became a bit too technical for me The ending became obvious fairly quickly, which was also a disappointment That said, I give the author full credit for the premise and the first half of the story which grabbed my attention immediately A huge thank you to NetGalley, Mulholland and Adrian McKinty for an ARC of this novel in exchange or an honest review Published on NetGalley and Goodreads on 5.19.19.Will be published on on 7.9.19

  7. Dita says:

    It wasn t my favorite.I have mixed feelings because I tried to love it but hated the way Rachel went from being a meek mom to a pistol whipping badass in a few chapters I guess kidnap will do that That said, the concept is brilliant I mean, BRILLIANT, and the ending was very satisfying.The breast cancer piece was terribly difficult for me as I have a good friend struggling for her life right now I acknowledge that this may have affected my experience of this book I went in knowing cancer was part of the story and I should have known better I usually read a book in a day and this took me 4 daysjust too hard.

  8. Dem says:

    You never know how strong you are until someone upsets or threatens your kids but just how far would you go to This is a really unique and suspenseful thriller that really had me intrigued from page one, although I have to be honest and say there were parts of this one that did make me roll my eyes on several occasions but I was able to put that aside as the book overall was a rocking good suspenseful read that I think many will enjoy this summer A terrifying scenario, Your child has been kidnapped, and in order for your child to be returned safely you must follow a number of steps to fulfill the chains s demands and one of those is for you to kidnapp another child, and keep chain going I loved the cover and title of this novel, it caught my attention straight away and the premise is really intriguing and terrifying I was a little wary about reading this one but the story was well handled and nothing in it that made me feel uncomfortable Characters were interesting vivid and the story extremely well paced I loved the build up as it had me on the edge of my seat trying to figure out how this one was going to pan out I listened to the audio version of this book and it was extremely well done and added to my enjoyment of the book A great book to pack for the holidays.

  9. j e w e l s says:

    FOUR STARSWhat if you got a call that your child had been kidnapped And, in addition to a cash ransom, you are tasked with an unimaginable demand Kidnap someone else s child now. Of course, you argue and plead NO NO NO You re not a child abductor You can t do to another parent what has just been done to you It s impossible Okay, then we will immediately kill your child. WAIT I will do it Anything I will.Congratulations, you ve just unwittingly joined The Chain They own you now It is never over You might get your child back, but they know what you did to get her back and they have the ultimate extortion scheme in place You will never tell.Only, this time, The Chain has messed with the wrong mama bear Rachel, our heroine, is one tough cookie She is determined to put an end to this chain business CRAZY fun to read and Adrian McKinty sells it like hotcakes The first half of the book is absolute spell binding stuff The second half does not read quite as fast, but the story keeps moving at a clip and the most satisfying ending in recent memory is waiting for you.Not as far fetched as it sounds, The Chain is actually based on the Mexican concept of exchange kidnappings whereby a family member offers him or herself as a replacement hostage for a vulnerable kidnap victim McKinty has a fascinating history himself, I loved reading about his life and fast paced, The Chain already had its film rights picked up by Paramount Pictures I cannot wait to see this story on the big screen For all you peeps like me that adored Taylor Adams No Exit, I can promise this you will freakin love The Chain Thank you to Netgalley and the author for the advanced galley Publication day is July 9, 2019 All opinions are strictly mine.

  10. Amanda says:

    I have never read an Adrian McKinty book before Seriously after reading this book I feel like I ve missed out and will need to catch up on his other boos ASAP Wow this was one addictive read that kept me on the edge of my seat ,desperate to finish it but wanting to saviour every word at the same time.I have heard about chain letters where you then have to send a copy of the chain letter to numerous people What if you re child was kidnapped and the only way to get them back is to kidnap another child This chain is relentless and you will never be free from the chain even when you everything they ask you to do How far would you go to save you re child To save you re child would you put another family through the hell you are going through Loved the original plot and it really made me think what would I do in those circumstances I love a book that stays in you re mind after reading it A must read roller coaster of a thriller.Thank you to Netgalley for my copy in exchange for a review.

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