Death by Ploot Ploot

      Death by Ploot Ploot
What happens when Deana decides to introduce the concept of Valentine s Day to Aviara Yep, that is pretty insane What are you thinking, Deanna How will the fearsome Charl knights react to the concept of a day of romance Sexy time for wizards With sparks.Welcome, traveler Time to rejoin old friends and come back to where it all started Aviara It s home and the door is open for a sweet and spicy visit.Have a party visiting with Lorgin and Deana, their family, friends, and Familiars Find out what is going on in the MOD universe in this hilarious, heart warming story with plenty of steam, of course that advances the Matrix of Destiny storyline. Best Download Death by Ploot Ploot [ By ] Dara Joy [ Kindle ePUB or eBook ] –

Blazing new trails in experimental fiction is a top priority for Dara Joy Her novels break all the rules and have captured a huge audience Her unique works have gone on to receive numerous awards.

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      Death by Ploot Ploot
 By ì Dara Joy ✓ –
  • ebook
  • 120 pages
  • Death by Ploot Ploot
  • Dara Joy
  • English
  • 04 September 2019
  • 0975354922

10 thoughts on “ Death by Ploot Ploot

  1. Tara Neale says:

    I was a huge fan of the original series, but this reunion book lacked the depth and punch of those stories It really added very little to the series and provided no additional character development And were is Traed s story That one I am still waiting for.

  2. Goge (BARRONS) le Moning Maniac, says:

    where s Traed s story

  3. Stacie says:

    A revisit to the Krue Clan from Dara Joy s previous books In this short story, Deanna introduces the idea of valentines day with some twist to the planet Just a short read and you would need to be familiar with this author s writings to be able to follow this story.

  4. S.E. Anderson says:

    I enjoyed this short story, but wish it could have been an extended full novel These characters are so much fun that I can t help but what to knowabout what s going on in Rejar and Gian s worlds too.

  5. Antoinette Lewis says:

    I laughed like crazy and Lorgin change to new power and sex with Deana was breath taking

  6. Melissa says:

    Cute, but not nearly as good as the 1st 3 in this series Her books have really gone downhill since she started self publishing I keep hoping for a comeback, but no such luck

  7. Sharon says:

    Cute little story.

  8. Paraphrodite says:

    Stupid Title

  9. Linda says:

    This is a short, amusing novella set in the Familiar universe.Added to text a Missing from text be Editing errors 1 then than 2 wrestling wresting 3 bias biased 4 discretely discreetly 5 Tread Traed 6 Rejar Rejar s 7 alright all right 8 lets let s 9 peak pique 10 gives give 11 lighten light 12 tradition traditional 13 half halfway 14 loose lose 15 over took overtook 16 it t...

  10. mlady_rebecca says:

    Fun to revisit certain characters Rejar and Traed in particular The premise of the short story, not so much No new characters were introduced My favorite part was Rejar insisting he is to be ravished by MORE than 25 female warriors.

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