Tarot for Writers

      Tarot for Writers
Once reserved for mystics and seers, the tarot is one of the best tools for boosting your creativity and shifting your imagination into high gear Famous authors such as John Steinbeck and Stephen King have used the tarot deck to tap into deep wells of inspiration, and you can enliven your own writing the same way whether you craft short stories, novels, poetry, nonfiction, or even business proposals.This book on reading tarot cards and applying them to your writing will guide you through each stage of the creative process, from fleshing out a premise to promoting a finished work Enhance your storytelling technique through over 500 enjoyable writing prompts, exploratory games for groups and individuals, tarot journaling, and other idea stimulating activities that call upon the archetypal imagery and multi layered symbolism in the tarot Infuse flair and originality into your work as you learn to Interpret symbols, myths, and learn to read all seventy eight cards in the tarot card deck Use classic tarot layouts and spreads to structure your story Brainstorm story ideas and develop dialogue and plot Create detailed settings, powerful scenes, and dynamic characters Overcome writer s block and breathe new life into existing projects As a writer, you hold the power of creation in your hands By exploring the tarot and incorporating it into your writing practice, you will set your creative potential soaring to new heights. New Read [ Tarot for Writers ] By [ Corrine Kenner ] – heartforum.co.uk

Corrine Kenner is a certified tarot master and the author of several books, including Simple Fortunetelling with Tarot Cards, Tarot Journaling, Tall Dark Stranger Tarot for Love and Romance, The Epicurean Tarot, and the forthcoming Wizards Tarot and Tarot for Writers r rCorrine has lived in Brazil and Los Angeles, where she earned a bachelors degree in philosophy from California State University She now lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with her husband and their daughters r rCorrine organizes tarot classes and workshops on a regular basis Forinformation, visit her website at corrinekenner.com.

      Tarot for Writers
 By Corrine Kenner IBN : 0738714577 Format : Paperback – heartforum.co.uk
  • Paperback
  • 358 pages
  • Tarot for Writers
  • Corrine Kenner
  • English
  • 25 March 2019
  • 0738714577

10 thoughts on “ Tarot for Writers

  1. Nytetyger says:

    The first half of the book is your standard how to read tarot cards that you can honestly find even free on the internet The second half, however, is fascinating how to, when you are stuck and cannot figure what to write, pull a few cards and get ideas for a character or a plot idea I rea...

  2. Trish at Between My Lines says:

    Didn t finish as I wasn t in the right frame of mind for this book I enjoyed what I did read and fully intend to pick this up again someday and work through some of the fun exercises in it.

  3. Abigail says:

    interesting and potentially useful

  4. Dorothy Weigand says:

    Review pending So far only fault I found is inclusion of reading for Waite Smith deck Not everyone uses that deck, so not everyone has those particular images I personally favor the Mystical Manga Tarot by Rann and Barbara Moore My Fool is a very different image from A.E Waite s.

  5. Steve Cran says:

    An excellent book has been written for writers who want to use Tarot cards to spur on their creativity Several authors like Stephen a King and Italo Calvino have used a deck of Tarot cards to inspire them in their writing The most common Tarot deck is the Rider Waite deck developed back in the earlier part of this century Use of other Tarot cards goes back to the Early 14oo sThere are several spreads that one can use to help their writing The first one is a two card reading This is used to An excellent book has been written for writers who want to use Tarot cards to spur on their creativity Several authors like Stephen a King and I...

  6. Lynn says:

    This book was fascinating The only think I think might be a problem is I think you would need a deck that had art work that was kinda themed to go with your story or maybe I need to thinkoutside the box I loved the concept and think it would be fun to write a whole story based on it I think if you got several people together and asked they to write a story using the techniques in this book and the exact same deck you would end up with several very different stories Might be a fun ex This book was fascinating The only think I think might b...

  7. Beth Henry says:

    This was, and continues to be, an invaluable book in my journaling She has included writing prompts for each card along with goodies like astrological associations, symbols, myth, and archetypes She has also wri...

  8. Quinn Collard says:

    I used this book for NaNoWriMo in 2013 and it gave me a lot of good ideas I m just learning tarot and I d never thought of using it as a writing aid before I got this book, but it was very thought provoking and helpful.

  9. Martin Spernau says:

    This is a solid book about how to use the Tarot as an inspirational tool for writing Writing prompts for each card, full meanings etc.I do recommend this book if you are into cards and if you want to start.

  10. Allan H. Goodman says:

    Interesting take on the Tarot.

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