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Sign the petition to stop the sale of detrimental and dangerous diet pills in the UK

Sign the online petition to stop the sale of dangerous and detrimental diet pills in the UK

Most dangerous diet pills are easy to purchase from other countries, companies and websites that still sell them, it is very easy for most to buy them without even knowing they are banned and very dangerous for your health.

Sign the petition here

Exposing banned and dangerous diet pills

Banned and dangerous diet pills are becoming even harder to spot, we can see that most diet pills are still available to buy online either from another country, eBay or Amazon. So we have decided to give you a list of the worst diet pills and legal steroids that can cause you some very harmful side effects.

We always believe that a natural option is always best and will work as good as any safe diet pill that is of pharmaceutical value. Almost all diet pills will have a side effect but it can effect each person differently.

Avoid these products + Ingredients
In this list we are going to list each dangerous/banned diet pill that can still be purchased online. Each one can be bought as a product or ingredient! So make sure you check the ingredients list of any diet pill you decide to try.

Here are the lists in full and explain what they are and why they are banned.  ####These are the most dangerous reported##…